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Thread: Bastille Day in Brooklyn

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    Default Bastille Day in Brooklyn

    We spent the weekend with friends in Cobble Hill. Walked around the old neighborhood.

    Smith St and Bergen St

    I was hoping the guillotine
    was for the annoying Brooklyn Eagle

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    Further south on Smith St, Bastille Day on the street where I first lived.

    More neighborhood photos later.

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    wonderful photos, thanks!

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    Default More Pics of Bastille Day in Cobble Hill

    I took these Photo's of Bastille Day in Cobble Hill with my Sony Digital Camera


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    Bastille Day in Brooklyn - 2008

    Smith and Dean Sts.

    Sand sans concrete.


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    Great photos, appreciated!

    Are foreign 'special dates' like this frequently celebrated in NYC?

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    ^Yes. When you think about all the nationalities represented here with so many foreign born residents from so many cultures, it makes sense there are as many celebrations as there are.

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    Good to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenNYC View Post
    Are foreign 'special dates' like this frequently celebrated in NYC?
    Many are street closings with parades on dates that celebrate independence.

    On the first Sunday of June, Madison Ave from 39th to Madison Sq is closed, and a parade is held to commemorate Philippine independence from Spain in 1898.

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    Bastille Day in Brooklyn - 2013

    It's amazing how much it has grown - not the event, but the French presence in this part of Brooklyn. The party is held on Smith St in Cobble Hill, but this all really started in Carroll Gardens.

    "Little France" isn't a frequent occurrence in American cities, but it seems to be growing in Brooklyn. Numbers vary depending on who you ask. The French Consulate stated that there were 27,875 French nationals in NYC in 2010, an increase of 2000 since 2006. But that's only those who register, and they estimate the number to be over 70,000 in the NY Metro area, with most of them in the city. Another estimate states that there are over 3000 French households in Brooklyn's CD6.

    There's an image of French people living in NYC as rich professionals, but there are many young families that can't afford the high housing costs, and most of the schools offering instruction in French are expensive private schools.

    Education Franšaise Ó New York

    The Carroll School (PS 58) began a French dual-language program for kindergarten in 2007, and it has expanded.

    Middle School 51 in Park Slope will initiate the program this Fall.

    A French couple recently opened a bistro at 550 Court St, near the Gowanus Expressway.

    Bastille Day in Brooklyn -2013

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