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    hi there, i have decided to move across to america and have a few questions that may already have been answered elsewhere on the forums but the search engine isnt working well for me.

    I am interested in moving to New York, and basically, i dont know anything about what im letting myself in for.

    Would it be difficult for me to obtain employment?

    to live on my own, in a 1 bedroom flat, in a reasonable location, what sort of wage would i need to be earning?

    would it be best to secure a job before i arrive or best to look for a job when i get there?

    any advice anyone could offer would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    R Talbot.

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    Obtain employment? Very easy!

    Obtain LEGAL, decent-wage employment? Not so easy! You will need a work visa first, which are in short supply (Google for info on H1B and similar visas). Of course I'm assuming you're not a US permanent resident already.

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    isn't there a special deal with England where British subjects can work without a visa?

    or was that just with Ireland?

    I think your best bet would be to find a job with the New York office of a Britiosh company. I'm pretty sure in that case you will not be subjected to the H1B requirement. I know that is valid for French citizens.

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