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Thread: Old Yankee Stadium Pics

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    Man I can't wait for the season to start, I might go down to Florida in March to take in some Spring Training. There's nothing like the anticipation of the new baseball season, reminds us that Winter is on it's way out and Summer is around the corner.

    My favorite times to go to games are early in the Season (April-early June) or late in the season (September).

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    Default Thanks for Yankee and Shea Stadium Pics

    Here I am, watching the All Star Game and googled pics of the old stadiums, because I'm so fascinated by these great venues. I grew up in Dallas and watched old Arlington Stadium go from minor league to Major League stadium in one season, so that the Senators could move there. Of course, compare to Yankee Stadium, the history is not that great.

    I really think that photo of Joe D. sitting in the stands during remodeling, is incredible, as are the many great color photos.

    And thanks for posting Shea Stadium pics too. That's great to see where it was, what it looked like and even what it looked like during construction.

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    I am currently watching the All Star Game as I type and it is 1:00 AM. The Old Yankee Stadium clearly doesn't wan't its last major moment of fame to end; something tells me that the game won't be ending anytime soon unless they call a tie.

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    Finally it is all over. American League wins yet again 3-4 in the bottom of the 15th inning.

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    The end is near...only 20 days left for the old stadium...

    RFK & Mantle Mid 60's


    Renovations (which stripped it of it's charm) 1974-75

    1960's postcard

    The late Bobby Murcer, with HOFer Carlton Fisk catching

    Last game in old stadium 1973

    Joe D & Mel Allen


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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiohead View Post
    RFK & Mantle Mid 60's
    This photo is bizarre ...

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    11 August 1994, the last baseball game I went to ever. The strike and Bud Selig's nonsense basically killed baseball for me.

    Blue Jays 8 Yankees 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynLove View Post
    This photo is bizarre ...
    It sure is.

    What's the occasion?

    Who is Bobby going to shake hands with?

    And who's the lady? (And what happy meds is she on?)

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    Apparently it was Mickey Mantle Day on September 18, 1965 ...

    It was Mantle's 2,000th game ...

    The Naturals, 1965 (Mickey Mantle - Robert Kennedy)

    Price (US) $195 unframed -- ORDER

    Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art Archival Print. Number in Edition: 125.

    Photographed by Martin Blumenthal of SPORT magazine.

    United States Senator Robert Kennedy chats with Yankee general Mickey Mantle
    at Mickey Mantle Day, September 18, 1965 at Yankee Stadium.
    From original 2 1/4" transparency.

    Image size is 12" wide x 12" high, and total print size including title and emboss is 14" wide x 14" high. Framed size is 19" x 22".

    > All Content published or otherwise accessible at is protected by copyright, and is owned by Sport Gallery Inc. or reprinted under license.

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    Mickey Mantle Day - September 18, 1965

    This is a September 18, 1965 Yankee Stadium Mickey Mantle Day Program.
    The Day In honor of Mickey Mantle Playing in his 2000 Game (That Day).
    The Cover Illustration by James bama, from Mickey Mantles Book "the Quality of courage".
    The inside feature Great Pictures, and stats of Mickey's Career. The back page has
    the Days program, and a tribute from Ballantine Beer.

    Only Lou Gehrig (2164), Yogi Berra (2116), and Babe Ruth (2084)
    Played more Games as a Yankee at that point in time.

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    Mickey's Mickey Mantle Day Speech

    September 18, 1965 - Yankee Stadium, New York

    Mickey with Bobby Kennedy on
    Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium

    Thank you very much Joe. (Note: Joe DiMaggio introduced Mickey.)

    I think just to have the greatest baseball player I ever
    saw introduce me is tribute enough for me in one day.
    Today’s game will be my 2000th game with the Yankees.
    I’ve been very nervous on this ballpark many times in the
    last 15 years but never any more nervous than I am right now.

    To name everyone whose helped me through my career would be possible.
    So I’m gonna take this opportunity to say to them one and all, that I
    certainly appreciate everything they’ve done for me and hope that I’ve
    lived up to their expectations.

    To have any kind of success in life I think you have someone behind you to
    push you ahead and to share it with if you’re ever obtain it. And I
    certainly have that in my wife Merlyn, little Mickey whose here, and I have
    three little boys at home that didn’t get to come but they’re watching on TV,
    David, Billy and Danny. And also a wonderful mother who is here.

    As you all know, all the donations for this day are turned over to the
    Hodgkin's Disease Fund at St. Benton's Hospital. That was founded in the
    memory of my father who died of Hodgkin's disease. I wish he could have
    been here today. I know he would be just as proud and happy at what
    you all have done here as we are.

    There’s been a lot written in the last few years about the pain that I’ve
    played with. But I want you to know that when one of you fans, whether
    it’s in New York or anywhere in the country, say “Hi Mick! How you feeling?”
    or “How’s your legs?”, it certainly makes it all worth it. All the people in
    New York, since I’ve been here, have been tremendous with me.
    Mr. Topping, all of my teammates, the press and the radio and the TV have
    just been wonderful. I just wish I had 15 more years with you.

    Thank you very much. "

    Mickey Mantle, September 18, 1965

    © Copyright 1998-2008 - Lewis Early

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    Default Great Photos. Article on Yankee Stadium Laws

    Hey. Those are great phots with amazing historical value.

    I found a really interesting article about Yankee Stadium laws the other day browsing around the web. You can read it at this New York Lawyer blog.

    The are basically discussing the issue related to the struggle and lawsuit surrounding the last home run ball hit on the final game at Yankee Stadium.

    After Sunday night’s Yankee Stadium finale, ownership of the final home run ball ever hit in the park has come into question. When the ball fell into the net covering the area in left-center field, a fan grabbed a hold of the ball through the net. After being instructed by security to let it go, it fell into the hands of another fan in the area. Security retrieved the ball and returned it to the first fan, as in accordance with the rules of Yankee Stadium. The second fan is pursuing his legal avenues, which have been an issue with other big time baseballs:
    Read the full article

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    Wow, that woman's makeup is scary. She looks like a clown with that white makeup.

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    a historic brand new yankee stadium opening day photo
    october 18th, 1923

    and a farewell shot i took recently -- at the end of last month (part of a multi-thread grand concourse tour i did on another website -- see the link if you are interested in that):,2.0.html

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    I hate to necropost a year old thread with only my 2nd post ever, but this is the thread that led me to the forums (thanks to Uniwatch), and I have a request that fits the thread.

    I've seen few if any shots of the pre-renovation Yankee Stadium interior. In fact, of all the NYC ball parks, I've seen a couple pics of some Ebbets Field concession stands, but that's it. I'd love to see some shots that illustrate what it must have been like to wander the inside of Yankee Stadium during the glory days.

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