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Thread: 4 days until I'm an indentured servant...

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    Default 4 days until I'm an indentured servant...

    what should I do?

    Yes, it's another one of those questions...

    I'm a new college grad getting ready to work at one of the big banks in finance, in one of those jobs where you sign your life over for 2 years. I start Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) of next week. I am free until then. I've been living in Tribeca for the past 2 months but haven't seen as much of the city as I would have liked to; we've had training which has prevented me from taking too many "big" trips. I have seen a lot of Chinatown, a good deal of Soho and Tribeca, Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and that's about it. If you were me, what would you do in the next 4 days in the city?


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    Coney Island, the Cloisters, Jackson Heights, uptown Manhattan.

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    cook and freeze a lot of food.

    You will not see a lot of sunlight (I speak from personal experience, DLJ alum here) so I would get outside -- Long Beach, Bronx Zoo, a hike in the Palisades, and I second schadenfrau's suggestion of the Cloisters.

    Where'd you end up living, anyway?

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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    Thanks for the suggestions - I ended up taking a share for another 6 months, with the possibility to extend. It's in Tribeca and I got a very reasonable price, so I'm not dissatisfied. I may just stay there long-term if it works out.

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