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Thread: My trip to New York Jan 4th-11th 2007

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    Default My trip to New York Jan 4th-11th 2007

    So, after years of willing but no money, i finally decided to put my "to-do" list for my car aside and finally take some vacation. We first thought that 4 days would be enough, but then we saw that the price for 1 week was just a few more $$$ so we decided to take 1 week instead, plus we could stay in a hotel instead of a hostel. And my god, by far the best money i have ever spent. Did manage to get a few pics, sadly the display on the camera stopped working the day after we arrived so u might see alot of odd pics..sorry about that.
    I will definatly try and get a better camera with me the next time i make a visit to NYC.

    Never mind the cats in the beginning, took some pics of them before we left in the morning.

    What i really got dissapointed in was the night pics from brooklyn and Empire state. Guess i need a better camera for that!

    anyway, i hope u enjoy the pics! please leave a comment if u´d like or if u want a highres of some pics.

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    I like the pictures that you have during the day.

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    I went there around that time last year too. The city was decorated so pretty, but everyone and there brother seemed to be there

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    Those cats rock. Mine is like 1 month old, hes getting bigger every week. Yeah I will be going to visit colleges in sept and when I finally move, mah cat is coming with me too

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