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Thread: Most Difficult Buildings to Photograph

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    Default Most Difficult Buildings to Photograph

    The Lipstick Building thread made me want to ask this question thats been on my mind for some time, if it hasn't been asked before.

    Which Buildings in the city you guys feel are most difficult to photograph and why?

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    citispire,per my previous post....

    Quote Originally Posted by TREPYE View Post
    This buildings is one of the biggest victims of the jungle of sub par architecture that it is surrounded with. It should be appreciated more but because of this it is not. It really has a nice set of setbacks but they cannot be noticed under any appreciable distance.
    And there is also this one building downtown that is crowned with the sculpture of an eagle, Im not sure of the name though. I can only see it from the Manhattan Bridge while on the train as it appears in a gap for a brief instant before it is blocked by all the modernist garbage that surrounds it. The name is Bank of New York & Trust Company Building, built in 1929. Pretty nice looking 500 footer, however, not many decent angles available to even see it. Emporis got a decent shot of it but it looks like it was taken from someones window.
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    New York Times.

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    40 Wall and 20 Exchange.

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