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Thread: Rest in Peace J.B. Hehman (TLOZ Link5)

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    Unhappy Rest in Peace J.B. Hehman (TLOZ Link5)

    OMG! I cannot believe this has just happened!

    I woke up this morning feeling really badly, not exactly knowing why, and then I read that J.B. Hehman (TLOZ) was hit by a car on Saturday and is braindead. Saturday was the last day he posted at Wired New York. I am almost in tears writing this. I cannot believe this. Hopefully everyone else can make more sense out of this then I can. I dont feel this is an appropriate tribute. Ill surely devote more time and energy to him later, surely he deserved as much... He deserves that we all take some time out of our day and atleast acknowledge the person he was. A very small aspect of his life and our lives, this forum will never be the same.

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    I cannot believe this. I´m in shock. What a nice nice fellow. Oh my. oh my....

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    Oh my gosh, I read that story yesterday. I had no idea that was TLOZ. What a tragic end for such a kind, smart man. This is just terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schadenfrau
    Oh my gosh, I read that story yesterday. I had no idea that was TLOZ. What a tragic end for such a kind, smart man. This is just terrible.
    I find it hard to believe as well...


    April 3, 2006
    Man Hit by Car; Witnesses Say He Was Chased

    A college student was struck and injured by a car on Saturday evening when he darted into a busy Harlem intersection, a witness and a law enforcement official said yesterday. The official said the police were investigating reports that the victim was being chased.

    The student, Broderick Hehman, 20, a junior at New York University, was in critical condition at Harlem Hospital Center yesterday, the police said. The driver of the car, a 38-year-old man who was not identified yesterday, remained at the scene of the accident. He was not charged.

    The police were trying to determine why Mr. Hehman ran into the intersection, at 125th Street and Park Avenue. Witnesses told investigators that it appeared that Mr. Hehman was being chased by several young men, the law enforcement official said.

    David Jones, a homeless man who sells used goods at the intersection, said he witnessed the accident, which took place about 8:30. "They were trying to beat him," he said. "Some kids were trying to beat him." Mr. Hehman, who ran east on 125th Street, turned south into the intersection, he said, and then was hit by the car, which the police said was a silver Mercedes-Benz.

    An uncle, Andy Hehman, said his nephew was an urban studies major at N.Y.U. "He's a very warm person," he said at the hospital last night. "He never lets you get out of there with just a handshake. It always had to be a hug."

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    I only knew the guy from his posts but from them he seems the kind of person we can ill afford to lose. My condolences to those who knew him better than I.

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    How horrible! That's so, so sad.

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    I can't believe this. I didn't know this was him. He was friends with my girlfriend at NYU...unbelievable.

    I hope they determine what really happened there...

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    I dont know the words to say... I can only pray for his family and remember the good conversations and advice he gave to me in the short time I knew him.

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    This is really sad.

    My heartfelt wishes go out to JB / TLOZ and his family.

    I hope they know what great value he's brought to the wired new york community -- and how much he's missed.
    "Golden Lads and Girls all must, as chimney sweepers, come to dust"

    W. Shakespeare - Cymbeline

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    I am shocked and saddend by this.......I did not know him personally but I always enjoyed reading his posts........this is just very sad.

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    The article only said he was in critical condition and in the hospital, so I'm only going to believe that he'll recover and hopefully return to this forum soon. Either way, TLOZ, our prayers are with you. If only there were more people like you and less of those that were chasing you, this world would be so much better off.

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    Oh my God, this is so sad.

    TLOZ, we'll all miss you.

    At Wired New York he was always good-natured, never a wrangler, a model of forum decorum for us all.

    A gentle soul.

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    Let's all of us pray for his recovery; maybe we'll be heard.

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    I read the newspaper story, and I must say, just gave it a passing thought, more wondering if those that chased this young man gave it more than a passing thought.

    Now I'm reminded how our lives touch so many others.

    TLOZ was the good guy on this forum, so I pray he somehow recovers and returns. If not, I wish his family the strength they will need.

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    The thing I find hardest to believe is first how very young he was. But I am more distraught over how very smart he was; his death is such a waste. I fear that he will not be remembered, because I know if he had lived his life, he would have done great things. He had great potential and he was a kind and gentle being, and he will be missed.

    Here's some pictures and information about our friend J.B. from facebook...

    J.B. gives us his most heartfelt Led Zeppelin

    The irony is according to his facebook he was taking a course in Urban Violence in America. For the thugs that were chasing him, I have to ask for what? Is his life worth a monetary value? I realize the system is complicated and the thugs have a mountain of injustices working against them. That said, reading what J.B. posts he was someone who would try and change these injustices. The truth is that the thugs could probably careless about the death of a first-class young man. The obvious lesson is not to run from thugs and just participate in a hold-up. But things aren’t as simple as they seem and things shouldn’t be the way there are. The big picture is simply this sucks, this hurts, and this is a harsh reality. I would however like to see J.B. remembered. I don't think I'm alone in my thinking that he would have amounted to something great. All of us saw it, whether we knew him in life or just on these boards. J.B.'s makeup, his character was off the charts. J.B. is already yesterdays news and in this city his name will not be long remembered. I do not think he deserves such a fate. And I do not it is too much to ask that his name is somehow memorialized on this forum, he was without question one of this forums greatest assets.

    I would like to hear suggestions?

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