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Thread: Grand Central Terminal

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    Very very nice photos guys, Derek2k3's photo looks kinda like something in a movie, ...

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    Great pictures but does someone want to change the title? It isn't "Grand Central Station". Even the first pictures point that out!

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    Edited title.

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    Lightbulb Color-pushed close up of G.C.T. Sign

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    What is that cable passing in front of the eagle's wing? ^

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    I'd bet it connects surveillance cams, which were added after the streetscape here was redone (I believe that renovation took place pre-9/11). Manhattan is littered with cables like that, running here and there.

    You can see the cable on Google Map Street View HERE, at the foot of Vanderbilt Avenue, and HERE, running east along 42nd to the next street lamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCity View Post
    The boom of automobiles and airplanes almost caused Grand Central Station to be demolished. Developers wanted to turn the property into a real estate cash cow. I am thankful Grand Central Station became a historic preservation by The Supreme Court. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Terminal. It's Grand Central Terminal.

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    Grand Central Station is accepted by people who don't know what the hell they are talking about. "Station" is the Post Office, not the building you think it is.

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    Doesn't matter how long you've lived here, That doesn't mean you can't be wrong...
    the fact is its name is Grand Central Terminal -
    And it's carved in stone to prove it

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    ^ The name says it all, of course, but IIRC it's technically a terminal anyway, since train journeys start and end there, not go through one of a number of stations.

    There Once Was a Grand Central Station

    The Creation of Grand Central Terminal

    Thanks, vanshnookenraggen, I didn't know about the Post Office and the subway station.

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    If you Google "Grand Central Station," the first several links are GCT, and then you start getting errors. Funny, but many of the errors are tourist/travel sites.

    Destination 360 has it wrong, with pictures.

    The Grand Hyatt, right next door, contradicts itself. It shows the hotel address as "E42nd St at Grand Central Terminal," but the list of Local Attractions are:

    Central Park, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Plaza.

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    Professional travel sites and reporters get it wrong so much. Any time I hear someone (like a journalist) say "station" I just don't take anything else they do or say seriously. It just hits a nerve in me for some reason.

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    Default Rare pics of GCT

    I came across the following after googling for a while. They're pretty different from the images more commonly recirculated.

    My dream is to see some photos of the interior (and especially ceiling) looking dirty in the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. If anyone knows any good sources, please share.

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