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Thread: 1960's NYC In Black & White

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    Really cool pictures. I really like the brought back, far out pictures of the city skyline.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow, I forgot how defining 30 Rock used to be from the Hudson River. Manhattan seems so much narrower before all of the office space west of 6th Avenue was built up. You can even see 570 Lexington -- all the way over on Lexington Avenue -- in all its glory from the West side. What a different skyline.

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    The following are from 1962

    These are from 1958 & 59 (close enough for this thread, I guess)

    A1960's lower Manhattan concept model

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    Thank you for taking the time, and having the patience to post all of these wonderful photographs. Particularly the last batch. They led me to the others which I would have missed because they were posted during my absence.

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    Damn, this thread has been vacant for a year....time flies. Here are some more b/w and color courtesy of Straatis/Flickr

    1960 Washington Market

    1960 Brooklyn on a snowy night


    The Village

    Tudor City

    165 Broadway, w/ Singer Building on left (demolished in 1968:-(

    More Singer

    Singer interior during demolition

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    Hard Hat rally(from Gary Winogrand)

    Village Gate (herb Snitzer)

    Greenwich & Harrison (Victor Laredo)

    NYC is invaded

    Santas on Houston (Susan McCartney)

    Crowd at Warwick Hotel to see the Beatles

    Bob Dylan

    Children in Harlem Apt w/ Triboro Bridge in distance

    1968 (Garry Winogrand)

    Brooklyn at dusk 1968 (William Gedney)

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    Brooklyn scene 1969 (William Gedney)

    SE corner of 7th Ave & 43rd St December 1969

    100th St view of roof tops

    1966 view from Beekman Hospital

    1965 Chinatown (Ed Ford)

    42nd St looking west (possibly a Cushman shot)

    1964 World's Fair

    World's Fair from expressway (Walter Reed)

    1967 Broad Street Lower Manhattan

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    1967 Fifth Ave Hotdog stand (Richard Friedman)

    Great Human Be-In 1967

    1968 Fillmore East

    Mott St/Chinatown

    1960 Fifth Ave looking south from 42nd St

    Duffy Square 1967 (Al Lowe)

    Mets vs. Milwaukee Braves 1964 (opening year at Shea)

    FYI, this is all that's left...

    60's police car in the 00's. Sweet.

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    WOW Radiohead...Thank YOU for bringing back the memories!
    That worlds fair was my first visit to the states...
    These Monsters are some of my fondest-If I remember correctly,
    the mouth on the T-Rex slowly opened and closed-
    and back then, that was a sight to behold!!

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    I wasn't born yet, but I would loved to have visited the fair and the dinoaurs. Glad it brought back good memories for you SCU

    Here are some 1967 shots from gbaku/Flickr

    NYC during a rainstorm

    The Summer of Love, Village style

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    1967 The big boxes were still a minority

    Note the big intruder towards the right

    From atop the Pan-Am

    Helicopter view

    NY Airways helicopter (for the JFK to Pan Am roof route)

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    This view is so much better without HSBC.

    So this is what Southbridge Towers replaced. I should blow this up and bring it to the next CB1 meeting.

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    Great photostream of New York's skyline throughout the years.

    I think the Midtown skyline is more attractive now than it's been in the past...of course taking a closer look at the individual buildings is another story.

    The towers of the 60's and 70's took the softness out of the skyline but I find them a a necessary evil.

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    Brick & Limestone rule.

    All Glass = Dastardly Interloper.

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    This is a great thread!!! Excellent photos.
    Thanks for sharing them.

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