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Thread: Cheap way to get to Montreal

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    Default Cheap way to get to Montreal


    I am going to New York in april 2008, and I would also like to go to Montreal.

    I have found prices at around 400$ for a return flight ticket from New York to Montreal.
    Anyone who knows a good and cheaper way to get to Montreal?

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    Default by train?

    Try this link if you don't mind a longer journey

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    Amtrak to montreal via Amtrak is an incredibly beautiful train ride. I takes about 8 hours. The scenery is gorgeous and the ride very relaxing

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    The train to Montreal costs about 130 $, and if the ride is beautiful, then I think thats the way I am getting to Montreal. :-)

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    Cost keeps deterring me from revisiting Montreal...I guess the Chinatown busses don't want to deal with the hassles of operating across an international border.

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