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Thread: Fun Stuff to do in NYC on Weekends

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    Hey everyone, I'm a senior in college and I'm going to be working full time in NYC starting this summer. I'll be moving into an apartment within a year, so I was thinking about the things I will be able to do in Manhattan.

    I spent a lot of time going to bars/clubs this summer because I interned in the city, and I also went to a lot of Yankees games and stuff. But I didn't have much to do during the day on weekends so I ended up watching a lot of TV and playing video games.

    What kinds of things are there to do in NYC during the day? I'm a guy so shopping isn't really my thing, but I don't want to be a couch potato either.

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    There's so much to do on a nice day in the summer. I might go on a neighborhood walking tour, a picnic at prospect park, play a pick up game of handball or basketball. There's nice tennis courts in Central Park. I also belong to a baseball league and play non-league baseball and softball as well. There's biking groups (I'm yet to join one), there's kayaking on the Hudson River, there's Hudson River Park, Morningside Park, Central Park, and many others, there's zoo's and botanical garden's as well as Woodlawn Cemetary which is as nice as any park. If all of this is too much there is sun bathing/people watching and this can be done practically anywhere.

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    I would start by going through the entire "Top Ten Things to do in New York" thread ( Some are aimed for tourists, but there are lots of great suggestions no matter what appeals to you (athletics, arts & culture, entertainment, nature, etc.). You're going to be in New York City. No other place on the planet offers more "stuff to do on the weekends."

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    Leave your apartment on Saturday morning, and don't come back till you're ready to drop.

    You don't have to know where you're going --just go.

    Take a little money with you, plus a friend.

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