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Thread: food/bars/shopping near javits

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    Default food/bars/shopping near javits

    i will be attending a show at the center, and am looking for the best cheap eats, bars, etc...

    and how far of a walk is it to central park?

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    Javitts is in no-mans land. Poorly served by subways (none), bus service is good to Penn Station, to leave the building you cross a six lane road and end up in a maze of taxi repair shops and tire shops. Taxi service can be difficult at times too. If you are working the show bring lots of money and eat at the food booths that are set up, or do what most of us do, buy your food and drink elsewhere and bring it in.

    Central Park is not within walking distance.

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    well that bites. thanks for the info though. we havent picked which hotel we are staying at, but hopefully it will be within range of places to eat far is too far for walking distance? how many blocks can i get within say 1/2 hour of walking in the city? is it easier to taxi everywhere?

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    I love to walk, personally. If you walk reasonably quickly, 35 or so blocks is about a half an hour. Each long avenue (and there all long over there) counts as about three blocks. Remember, if you venture a bit further, you'll be able to get cabs BACK to the Javits Center. West Chelsea isn't too far (9th and 10th Ave., 14th-34th), nor is the Hell's Kitchen strip (9th Ave., some 10th Ave., b/t 42nd and 55th, roughly).

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    Daisy Mae's BBQ is a decent cheap eat that is not too far a walk from Javits.
    At 11th ave. in the mid 40s.

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    didn't we do this on another thread somewhere?

    You'll have to shlep to Ninth Avenue, pretty much.

    Once you're there, Empire Coffee and Tea (41st/42nd) is a coffee store that will sell you good coffee of the day and a Tate's chocolate chip cookie and give you a place to sit down.

    Manganaro Hero Boy (37th/38th) is an old-style salumeria that will make you a very nice $11 sandwich for lunch, but you may need sharp elbows and a loud voice to push to the counter.

    The Cheyenne is an old-fashioned 1940s diner that's not bad on the corner of 33rd.

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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