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Thread: 1775 Broadway - by William Welles Bosworth / Shreve & Lamb - Reclad+Renov by Gensler

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    I think this is what it's going to be for a long time, especially if the get it rented.

    Maybe someone should talk the city council into offering a 100% zoning "bounty" to anyone who'll tear it down and rebuild it.

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    Kind of Blue: Joe Moinian Lives the 3 Columbus Circle Dream

    As for Mr. Moinian, in a email on Tuesday he said he would do it all again if he had the choice. “We are very happy with the end result of our redevelopment of 3 Columbus Circle—and we wouldn’t do anything differently,” Mr. Moinian said. “We are proud of our investment in this building and for perfectly executing our vision for its redevelopment. If the market isn’t $100 per square foot, we are fine.”

    slide show

    full New York Observer article

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    It's bad, but not that bad. Glad the scaffolding is down.
    It's worse than bad. I walked past this yesterday and wanted to puke. Especially remembering the elegance of the columns that used to be there. There is nothing elegant about this shiny blue trash.

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    This building is a monstrosity and I hope its demolished and redeveloped with a soaring tower.

    That article gave me hope, as it cites brokers who think SL Green was brought in to this project to eventually demolish and replace.

    There's no way you can get their projected rents with those crappy small windows, low floors, and weird floorplans.

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    Why on earth would anyone leave those units exposed on the top like that- are they not going to be covered?
    Looks absolutely ghastly!

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    I absolutely cringe everytime I see this building. I actually make it a point to try to avoid looking at it because of the destruction of such a beautiful base and building, with this tacky blue glass, that to put more salt in the wound, does not seem to be leased out.

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    I agree. Moinian is a big d.i.c.k! We could have had a nice tower by Related here.

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    Moinian probably has a shrine to Leon Uris above the plastic covered couch...

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    I often take out-of-town friends, mostly Russian and Canadian, on tours of the city. This building added a new stop on my typical Midtown tour. I tell its story as an example of irresponsible development, and so far all my "tourists" share my sentiments.

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    How could any architect, developer, or builder take pride in this type of work? I'd be embarrassed to have my name attached to such an awful POS.

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    Its called feeding the kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed007Toronto View Post
    Its called feeding the kids.
    Thanks ED, the unrealistic expectations often voiced here can get a bit tiresome - I got a kick out of your glib response. Thank for the chuckle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcman210 View Post
    How could any architect, developer, or builder take pride in this type of work? I'd be embarrassed to have my name attached to such an awful POS.
    They're busy competing with Kaufman the Great for the distinction of the biggest practical joke played on the city. We also get to watch the fight between SL Green and Moinian vs McSam for the same title. When one of them wins, we all lose.

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