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Thread: 1775 Broadway - by William Welles Bosworth / Shreve & Lamb - Reclad+Renov by Gensler

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    Question New Curtain Wall

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim856796 View Post
    If the newsweek building is getting a new facade, shouldn't the old facade be removed first?
    From what I can see from the website photos it seems that the entire brick exterior will be removed: and then, replaced with a glass curtain wall. If you click the 'Redevelopment' tab you can see a small photo image of the ENTRANCE AREA : then click on the image, it expands large enough to get a good look at the details of the new glass curtain wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NYTIMES
    But in a few months, it will be gone; another quirky corner of Manhattan that has been scrubbed, smoothed, polished, branded and lost.
    Exactly! I'm sure the Post would write this is a "vast improvement", a "masterpiece" even.

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    Angry good god

    I wrote a letter... have you guys done anything? This must be stopped at all costs. I pray to god that the economy affects the outcome of this catastrophe.

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    ^ pretty sure that this ship has already left

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    It sure is a mess.

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    I'm baffled looking at Zippy's photos why they don't just glass over the vertical window bays, spandrels and all. At least the vertical character of the original would be retained and expressed.

    I looks to me like they're leaving the brick in place and encasing it in panning and glass. The ground floor is another case completely. Though, in my opinion Scamozzi was a hack, this is shameful treatment of a vintage Shreve, Lamb and Harmon design.

    Click images for LARGE view.

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    So that's the entrance that will replace the stately colonnade.
    Someone needs a punch in the face.
    Sorry but this is disgusting and very hard to take.

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    Default Brick is earth / Glass is wind

    With its brown bricks, this building is impressive.
    It seems powerful. And solid. It seems high.
    With this useless glass box, it will be commonplace, ordinary,
    not worthy of Manhattan.
    Strangely, it will seem smaller too.

    If I can help signing a petition or whatever, here I am.
    Sure I'm french, living in Paris and it's probably not my business,
    but I'm a real real fan of NYC ( l LOVE U ) a fan of pre-war style
    and always very sad when this heritage is threatened.
    It's the pride of american engineering.
    Showing the genius of american architecture.

    I love the buildings of this period because they are,
    in the same time, frightening and elegant !
    Offering great perspectives and very special atmosphere in your streets.
    It's a treasure. Keep it ! Let's build the glass boxes elsewhere.
    Why not at the top ?
    For this one ... ( and let's do the same for the magnificent Pennsylvania Hotel ) :
    keep the old building as a pedestal - as Foster did with Hearst Tower ! -
    and build modern extentions on the roof ! Make it higher guys !
    But please, keep old facades.
    The interesting is superposition of styles,
    not standardization, right ?

    Sorry about my bad english
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    The only reason Foster kept the old building was because he had to.

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    This is dumb short-sighted development.

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    Default IMHO: landmark EVERYTHING and sort it out later...

    And this is only the beginning folks.

    With a new shiney facade, this building will be a "success", with greater visibility, higher rents etc.

    It will be the example that will be followed all over town.

    Next stop: the Garment District.

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    I think some kind of blanket landmarking for buildings of a certain age would work. As i walk around the most horrible buildings are for the majority of the time from the 50s forward. There are plenty of these buildings that can be knocked down and replaced with no issue to the city fabric.

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    Next stop: the Garment District.

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    I'm actually ok with the renovation of this one. It might complement the new modern look of 2 columbus circle.

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