Not meaning to hijack this thread, but since this is the Primo Paris thread at WNY it seems the appropriate place ...

MoMA has a terrific new exhibition, well worth viewing:

Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light

It includes a drawing of the art nouveau La Salle Humbert De Romans by Henri Guimard, completed in 1901.

Here's a photo:

Online that concert hall is described thusly:

... the extraordinary concert hall Humbert-de-Romans(1901), where a complex frame divides sound waves resulting in perfect acoustics ...

... His relationship with the clergyman who commissioned him to build the Humbert de Romans Concert Hall (arguably the most complete expression of his Art Nouveau style) became acrimonious by the time of its completion in 1901, and the clergyman left France. Within five years the magnificent concert venue was demolished; it is now only known by photographs and articles from art journals ...

A perfect structure, demolished within five years of completion? One explanation is that the owner went bankrupt, precipitating the destruction.

But the story of the sour clergyman, fleeing France for some unexplained reason raised my curiosity.

Anyone know more about how this apparent masterpiece of art nouveau architecture came to meet its quick end?