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Thread: Union City construction

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    The developer had the right to build as high as 22 stories, but the zoning rules would allow a total of only 30 units for the entire building, according to the appellate decision.

    This just goes to show you how "out of date" this Master Plan is.

    Why would any developer build 22 stories "as of right" with only 30 units ? That's about 5,000 square feet a piece ! It's no wonder the other two 22 story projects, on that street, which were approved for 28 & 32 units respectively were not and will not be built !

    This is a great project! 18 stories (less than as of right) and smaller units that will sell or rent, makes a lot more sense. [I think they were 1,000 square feet a piece WITH views of Manhattan!]

    Price's day's of suing the zoning board are coming to a quick end when this Master Plan is passed and the city will finally see some developers building in the city, which will give it more tax dollars, better police and fire rescources and better schooling, roads, etc. all around.

    Larry Price is doing no one, but himself, a favor by suing everyone who applies to build in Union City. He does it for no reason, except his own dislike for the Mayor, thus crippling the "potential revenue" stream from new development. Look at Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Edgewater, even West New York...they ALL have lower taxes, better roads, fire & police "funds", etc. and Union City, (the most densly populated city in the USA) has ONE person suing the city...ONE person. He is a disgrace.

    If he wants to sue over rightfully "wrong variances" then OK, but the fact that this one man has sued almost 65 projects for no reason except for his own pleasure is down right disgusting. He has put many developers, [who just like all of us are hard working people in financial diress], is once again disgusting. All this, while he sits in his rent controlled building and contributes nothing to the city in which he lives ?

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    Default ARC Project - Union City rail station?

    Obviously this is not on the drawing boards right now, but would it be possible to have an underground station stop in Union City where the existing tunnel or the new tunnel go under the city? Say at 23rd and Bergenline, or 12th and Bergenline.

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    Default Re: ARC Project - Union City rail station

    kepulauan: I thought I was the only person wondering about that! It would make perfect sense to have a station somewhere there - that would give Union City residents direct access to Manhattan. But, I'm not sure if it's under consideration by NJ Transit.

    When the ARC project began to come into the public spotlight in 2006, I do vaguely remember reading somewhere that there would be a new station in either North Bergen or Union City. But although I have done search upon search since then, I have not been able to find anything mentioning a new Union City station. It is possible that it was under consideration but the city turned it down due to concerns about changes in traffic patterns or something along those lines. If I see/hear anything about such a station, I will post it on here.

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    Default Libeskind's Union City Tower to Begin Construction this Year?

    There is a building of 57,100 sf for which bidding for construction of the steel skeleton will be closing on April 14th. The project is listed as "The Edge", and it's supposed to be constructed somewhere in Hudson County. The size of the building (Libeskind's tower is supposed to have 66 units) and name both mesh with the Libeskind tower...

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    Unhappy North Hudson Is NIMBY Central

    West New York zoning board to discuss controversial 13-story high-rise

    By Kathryn Brenzel | NJ Advance Media for
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter
    on October 23, 2014 at 11:37 AM, updated October 23, 2014 at 11:50 AM

    WEST NEW YORK — The town zoning board on Thursday night will discuss a proposed 13-story high rise, a project that has been met with vehement opposition from some activists over the last few years.

    The project, dubbed Meridia Le Boulevard, is a proposed 13-story multi-family complex at 6609-15 Kennedy Boulevard East and 9-67th St. (*) Thursday's meeting on the project continues two previous hearings held in September.

    The building, proposed by Capadagli Property Company, would consist of 157 units and would add 160 off-street parking spaces, according to zoning board documents. Those who oppose the project argue that the town is already too congested and that a high-rise would only exacerbate parking and crowded mass transit issues.

    Joshua Breakstone, a spokesman for Concerned Citizens for the Preservation of Quality of Life Along the Palisades, said Capadagli's proposal violates several town zoning codes. He said it also threatens to block its neighbors' view of the Hudson River.

    “This will put local homes in shadow forever,” he said. “It will block the view for many.”

    Representatives for Capadagli didn't return calls for comment.

    Concerned Citizens has been one of the most outspoken groups against the proposed high-rise. Two years ago, the group fought a similar plan by Capadagi, which called for a 13-story, 123-unit high-rise on the property.

    The zoning board meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at 428 60th Street in West New York.

    Kathryn Brenzel may be reached at Follow her on Twitter @katiebrenzel. Find on Facebook.


    (*) This is rediculous; the site is a former Exxon Station and is directly across the street from a 21 story apartment building called The Versailles. Just typical NIMBYism.
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    Thirteen floors does not make a hi rise.

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