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Thread: Mike and the Mad Dog are no more

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    Default Mike and the Mad Dog are no more

    Mike gave Dog the "hand wave",

    It's a shame because there's a lot to talk about;

    1.) Yankees possibly missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 years
    2.) Mets playoffs or another collapse
    3.) Giants defending Super Bowl Champions
    4.) Brett Favre and the Jets

    I find Mike Francesca and his "hand wave" very arrogant, but he knows his sh*t. As did Mad Dog, I can see Mad Dog Chris Russo doing well at Sirius with a National audience. Mike is a New York sports analyst through and through. I used to travel around in my car a lot for work, these guys kept me awake on those long drives sitting in traffic across the tri-state area.

    WFAN is in trouble, no more Imus, no more Mike and the Mad Dog, and the Mets deal is apparently up soon and they are shopping that around with ESPN radio bidding it's going to be a rough go for the FAN.

    Apparently YES will continue to simulcast the now Mike Francessa show until the end of the year, then rumors are that Madison Square Garden Network will broadcast Mike's new show. Apparently the show might even move to the Garden, WFAN is supposed to move to Manhattan from Astoria sometime in late 2009.

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    One less blathering idiot on the airwaves talking about unimportant nonsense.

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    Some people like sports, so their debating the pros and cons of Mike & the Mad Dog isn't nonsense.

    Those that don't like sports shouldn't care one way or the other.

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    I like sports, it is just that I am not obsessed about them. It is the obsessives, most who listen to these shows, who force us to waste tax money on things like new stadiums and arenas. Would you rather have the Yankees or better public schools. I know which I would rather have.

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    So if the "obsessives" are controlling public opinion to the point of directing how government funds are allocated, then these "obsessives" must be a majority, or at least a very significant minority. Very hefty ratings for sports-talk shows.

    Even from occasionally tuning-in, I don't see it. Those that call in are frequently regulars. Many admit they listen for the train-wreck.

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    one is blathering and the other is arrogant. Yet as much as I hate to admit it, I did tune in from time-to-time. It is the proverbial train wreck

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    There are a lot of sports nut politicos.
    Marty Markowitz comes to mind immediately.

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    If you look at most sports arena stadium proposals, a big part of the sell is the supposed economic benefits - jobs created, increased revenue for the city, neighborhood improvements. They are also an more visible resumé enhancement for politicians.

    Going from sports-talk-radio listeners to loss of money for schools is a big stretch.

    Borough presidents have no power over the budget.

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    Yes, yes.
    But when you get people who can provide some quid pro quo involved things get messy.

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    Yeah. Quid pro quo from the idiots who think they are engaged in an intelligent conversation with Mad Dog.

    That is what we're talking about, isn't it?

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    Pretty surprized about this. These guys really educated their NYC fans audience about sports. They really gave it an intellectual twist that goes way beyond this whole "ra-ra my team is better than yours" attitude you see in most other cites. It is going to be a regretful loss as the dog would lighten the mood around Mikes intellectual/insigtful yet too serious commentary.

    One thing I never wanna hear from dog on his new show, is a peep about how Scott Boras gets his clients (in this case baseball players) out of a good situation (like being on a winning team) so they can get the most money possible. Cuz that is pretty much what went on here with madog.

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