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Thread: 1970's New York City

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    Copy on the Kerouac. I'll do that tonight at work.

    I met Shep when he was on his book tour for "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories".
    It was at a small book store, I think in Chatham. It was summertime, hot as hell, the place had no air conditioning. Poor Shep was sweating like a pig. I walk up to meet him and he stands up from his seat, leans over the table, and rubs his sweaty head on my sweaty head!
    I was speechless! I had just rubbed sweaty heads with Shep!!!! What more could a 7 year old kid want!

    PS I was not aware of Bergmann's book. Up to now, my memories of Shep are mostly from my childhood. His radio and PBS shows being the main venues.
    The book is now on my list.
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    I love the pictures,I was only in the city a few times during the 70's and that was to see a relative in the hospital.I do remember the seediness and the grit of it though and I fell in love with it instantly.It only took me until 1985 to get there on a full time basis and until 1992 ,I enjoyed every moment I was there.

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    Gay Pride, early 70's style, with no shortage of bell-bottoms, afros, facial hair and bad leisure suits, hangover remnants of the 1960's. A care-free era which would peak in the late 70's, before AIDS reared it's ugly head.

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    Late 70's

    Below from 1976 (from Pittenger/Flickr)

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    ^ Scenes reminiscent of the re-creations in the movie, Milk. Truly great acting job by Sean Penn.

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    ^I haven't seen Milk. I heard it's good.

    View from Americana Hotel 1976 (PaulW)


    Cocktails, anyone?

    WTC 1973 (citibehr)

    WTC 5 1973

    Liberty Plaza 1973

    Village Inn Pizza @Ave A & St Marks 1979 (julie_wilson_world)

    12th & Broadway 1970(PhillipC)

    Above are from Flickr unless otherwise noted, with owner names if not hosted by me.

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    Radiohead - You are the King of 70's NY.

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    Thanks. Actually those who took the pics way back when, and those who took the time to upload them are the real kings.

    A few more...

    The Village (imagemkr1)

    Seventh Ave South(below 5 by timewitness)

    Castros and cadillacs.

    The abandoned city. Eerie.

    Very early 70's mid-town



    Finally, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah and all that....

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    Grit never looked never.

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    True Grit.

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    Default Such a love/hate city...

    Quote Originally Posted by Radiohead View Post
    12th & Broadway 1970(PhillipC)

    The nice building with the mansard roof was demolished by Related for the horrific Regal Cinema w/ the rentals above. (aka known as 1 Union Square South)
    Sad. Now the entire northern 13th St frontage is mostly a blank wall of loading docks and vents.

    On a brighter note, the building 2nd from the SE corner of 13th has been beautifully renovated and its base fully restored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 195Broadway View Post
    Thanks, NYC..... That photo is like a time machine! Dead nuts on atmosphere of the Cross Bronx back then. Think of that scene multiplied many times along the sides of the highway. Sing it, everyone: "Over the BRIDGE, and through the BRONX to grandmother's HOUSE we'd GO"

    Brings back memories

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    Just incredible. Thanks so much for posting these. As a fairly new (well, last 15 years) regular visitor to this amazing city, I've seen some changes but nothing like this. Fantastic.

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