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Thread: 1970's New York City

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    Folk dancers at South Street seaport

    From Brooklyn

    Automobile Show at NY Coliseum 1973

    From Bayonne NJ

    East River Park

    East River

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    Rotting old warehouses on the Hudson

    Queensboro Bridge at 59th St


    Drainage outflow from WTC

    Hudson police patrol

    Landfill site of proposed Liberty State Park

    108th & Lexington

    FDR Drive

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    More from 1973....

    Queens Boulevard

    Departing Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

    ..and entering

    Schaefer Bandstand in Central Park

    7th Ave & 8th St

    More from the '73 auto show

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    1974 view from NJ

    Houston St

    Avenue D housing project


    Herald Square traffic jam

    Triple parked??

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    FDR Underpass

    62nd Street

    The Village

    Hackensack River in foreground

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    Outside Grand Central terminal

    Motorcycles near Battery Park

    Most of the color images from 1973-74 in the last 5-6 posts come from the National Archives. Let's finish with this...

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    Wow what a marathon.

    Thanks Radiohead.

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    Great photos.
    Everything was orange, yellow and brown in the 70's. All those earth tones look so wacky now.

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    Amazing pictures. The city looked so dirty, poor and mismanaged. It's still pretty dirty, but I would not even think of living in New York of the 70s. Looks really depressing.

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    Oh it was not depressing at all. It WAS friggin' scary.

    BUT it was a happening place. Music... art... genuine movements and trends. It's a better city now, nice and pleasant, but not stimulating in the way it was back then.

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    Thanks for that post. I love these old images.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiohead View Post
    Brooklyn view of Manhattan Bridge
    Wow. What an atomospheric picture.

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    Thank god the 70's was only 1 decade. This was perhaps the worst period in the history of the city. With its economic deficit and soaring crime rates and extreme poverty, this was certainly a time where no one would come and visit. So much has changed since then.

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    You know guys, you really have to rethink things a bit.

    People came to NYC in the 70's. They came because they truly loved the theatre, art, music. NYC was very rarified... it had nothing to do with Viking kitchen appliances. Among all of that decay was genuine art movements and gosh, to think that B'way had Bob Fosse, Michael Bennet, there was Joe Papp downtown, Sondheim was still writing new musicals, we still had Warhol, Woody Allen was doing films about NYC, you had young artists making a mark on society like Haring, Basquit. The Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass ...Max's Kansas City, CBGB's... Studio 54...Halston was a genuine force in still had Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, and Paul Taylor....Tama Janowitz, Spalding Gray, Eric Bogosian and on and on... a lot of this continued into the 1980's... but today?

    Who and what compares?

    ANOTHER way NYC was viewed and considered in the 1970's.... please watch:

    Besides decay and crime... NY was also portrayed this way:

    (BTW: I forgot what good actress Diane Keaton was... watch her dig into this)

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    Thanks Fabrizio, I think it's important to keep a balanced perspective on the 1970's. It wasn't all bad by any means. I would give anything to time travel back there and experience it for myself.

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