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Thread: 1970's New York City

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    Quote Originally Posted by 195Broadway View Post
    Wow. These photos bring a flood of emotions.... good, bad, and just plain scary.
    Does anyone have a photo of the burnt out cars that used to line the sides of the Cross Bronx Expressway? That is one childhood memory which will forever be seared into my brain.

    East 176th Street and Boone Avenue

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    I love these pics, of how broken New York was, just makes it all the better now!

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    I'm familiar with the neighborhood, but I don't recognize the "Bronx Place" street sign. Does anyone know if and when that was changed? And if so, what to?

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    Schad I don't see the street sign. Which photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC4Life View Post
    East 176th Street and Boone Avenue

    Thanks, NYC..... That photo is like a time machine! Dead nuts on atmosphere of the Cross Bronx back then. Think of that scene multiplied many times along the sides of the highway. Sing it, everyone: "Over the BRIDGE, and through the BRONX to grandmother's HOUSE we'd GO"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiohead View Post
    Scenes from the Bronx, Brooklyn & Queens. Mostly '70's, a few early 80's

    My god it was such a mess! Testament to how amazing it looks now! I cannot get over these pictures of squalour and decay, and how the city is so clean and tidy now (well the bits i saw!)

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    Still relatively dirty, but at least not graffiti filled.

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    Thanks- Brown Place is what I was talking about. Looking at the location, just east of Willis, I must have walked by a dozen times and never noticed.

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    All below are from 1974 (from the Nat'l Archives)

    Lexington Ave subway

    Penn Station

    Williamsburg Bridge

    The below 2 are from 1973

    Check out the taxi rates

    Herald Square traffic

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    1973 cont

    Garment district


    Greenwich Village

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    So cool, keep posting them!

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    The NYC of the past, so gritty.

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    1976 Gay Rights March

    Lexington & 103rd

    Brooklyn Chase Manhattan branch, 1975. A robbery at this branch in 1972 was the premise of the Pacino classic Dog Day Afternoon.

    WTC in 1970 or 71

    Mid 70's


    I thought this was late 70's, but the Mr Sloan billboard dates Village shot to 1981.

    Tishman billboard shows construction is still going on

    1972 Vignelli subway map had it's fans and it's detractors

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    1973 gas lines

    Protest, promotion, or both

    Pre Disney 42nd St 1974

    Manhattan doorway 1974

    Manhattan eatery 1974

    Taking a break 1974



    Corbis pic of early work on the north tower

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