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Thread: 1970's New York City

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    Default 1970's New York City

    This thread will feature pics of NYC in the 1970's. Please add pics if you have any.

    First off are b/w's from the 1977 blackout. Anyone remember that? I was just a little kid. Many here probably weren't even born yet.

    (UPDATE 11/09: Sorry, the b/w pics must have been deleted by the Flickr poster. I'll try to relocate them and repost ASAP)

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    A Con Ed spokesman, I presume

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    Here's some non-blackout pics

    1971 (courtesy of Bridgeport Mike at Flickr)

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    From the top of the WTC 1977

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    Below 10 photos by Richard Friedman

    Carnegie Hall 1971

    6th Ave at Waverly Place, October 1970

    55th Street & 8th Ave October 1970

    Twilight October 1970

    8th Ave and near 45th Street October 1970

    8th St @ 6th Ave in the Village, October 1970. Is this the precursor to the Naked Cowboy?

    Greenwich Village 6th Ave @ 4th St March 1971

    Central Park March 1971

    Greenwich Ave October 1970

    Sheridan Square in the Village October 1970

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    East River Drive

    La Guardia

    West Side Highway 1

    West Side Highway 2

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    Thumbs up

    Notice the Jersey City skyline (or lack of it)

    Sunday morning jog

    Lennon in Central Park

    Next 3 from 1971-72

    Dave's Restaurant in Soho

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    Dave's interior

    Soho at night; dark, deserted and neglected:

    Elderly care items are on sale this week at Walgreens Weekly Ad.

    Thanks to Brooklynparrott at Flickr for all the Soho pics.
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    North across Canal

    Back when 42nd St was grittier and seedier

    View from Washington Square Hotel


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    Nice postings. As a kid back then, it all seemed very nexciting.

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    I keep thinkign "Taxi Driver" and "Mean Streets" but I'm sure there was a lot of fun and just ordinary life too, obviously. I'd love to have a time machine and visit New York over a week skipping a decade each day... Say start in 1925, then 1935, 1945 and so on... Maybe visit Times Square, Wall Street, some Mid-Town hotel and Central Park, just to get the zeitgeist

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    Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing.

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