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Thread: 240 West Broadway - Tribeca - Condo - by FLAnk

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    Finally unwrapping this building.

    Turned out OK. No AC vents or exposed floorplates. Detailing in the brickwork gives some life to the facade.


    The penthouse (that's penthouse) looks like a cheap addition to an existing building. Don't understand why they did this.

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    I agree. This building is nice but for the idiotic penthouse.

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    The vertical grout / brick panel joints that run all the way up the side is terrible. The bricks are set in a running bond, and this line interrupts the rhythm and just screams "not really what we mean it to be." There's no reason (other than cost) that they couldn't construct those panels so an additional full brick (across the junction of adjacent panels) could be slotted in after the panels were installed.

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    Those 'brick/grout' joints do look "awful" - but a little atmospheric soot will soon blend them in nicely.

    That building has turned out to be 'better looking' than I had come to expect by the renderings. Nice big windows, a little fenestration and brick detailing on the facade - all in all, this has turned out quite well. Considering the two vastly different proposals, FLank is obviously a very 'versatile' architectural design firm.

    Another, Traditional - Modern, building: that seems to be the 'safe' way to develop - but my preference would be a purely modern building more like the original proposal.

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    I'm not so sure they used factory panels on the lower section of the building. Where are the horizontal seams?

    In panels with running-bond brick, it's not so easy to create a joint that follows the brick pattern. The panels have to expand and contract as units, and are filled with a flexible sealer, not mortar. Might be more noticeable than a butt joint, and water infiltration waiting to happen.

    And it's true that the sealer will darken in time and make the joint less evident. Also, a running-bond isn't used throughout.

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    Took a shot yesterday myself


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