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Thread: 240 West Broadway - Tribeca - Condo - by FLAnk

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    Default 240 West Broadway - Tribeca - Condo - by FLAnk

    West Broadway and North Moore St
    Nine story building.

    Another parking lot bites the dust.

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    I can see Stuy Town



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    9 stories and 6 units. You know they'll be ultra-expensive.

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    It's a choice intersection.

    Under construction across the street is 6 stories / single family with pool.

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    What can the price get up too in building an apartment/mansion like this? It looks very nice. And I'm guessing it's very unsual to find a pool in the apartment, instead of on the roof?

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    A six-story with a pool in this location might well be worth in the eight figures instead of in the sevens -- depends on the footprint and the finishes, really.

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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    More stuff on this one from CURBED (July 2008):

    NoMoore Suburban Bliss to be FLank-ed by Glass and Steel

    The FLank plan for 240 West Broadway, with suburbia to the left.

    The vertical suburb-o-rama, which has been under construction forever down at
    North Moore and West Broadway, is about to get a new neighbor across the street
    at 240 West Broadway. This one is from that forward thinking gang over at
    FLAnk Architects, whose website shows something asymetrical and juxtapositional,
    all slick up top and rugged down below. More details about the project like its 9 stories,
    7 units and planner Peter Cooper, come by way of City Realty. It will rise on a
    very irregular site formerly occupied by parked cars and Hollywood stars--it's
    the very spot where Zoolander had a gas of a fight and where the wizards from
    Disney set up an Enchanted Palace Casino. There's no indication that this new one
    will have a big pool like the one they've put in on top of No Moore, but a quick
    look at the site reveals what appears to be a private swimming hole out back,
    right behind the Call-a-Head. Suburbia still rules.

    Vertical Suburbia.

    The multi-faceted building site at the edge of Tribeca.

    FLank stuff.

    Journey to the Center of the Suburbs.

    FLank plans a metallicized facade up top.

    Something rough and rugged down below.

    Filmed here: An enchanting love story (l.) and the tale of a boy without a brain (r.).

    The busy construction site, with everybody working hard.

    Digging deep.

    The 240 swimming hole, funky but private.

    · Tribeca's 'Our Suburb' Can Now Be Your Suburb [Curbed]
    · Curbed Inside: FLAnk's New West Chelsea Digs [Curbed]
    · Under Construction > 240 West Broadway [FLank website]
    · Peter Moore plans 7-unit condo at 240 West Broadway [City Realty]

    240 w bway

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    Tribeca Trib - Covering Lower Manhattan

    Awaiting Megadollar Loans, Grand Plans Lie Fallow Downtown
    By Carl Glassman

    They should be rising now—shiny, majestic and ready to punch the sky. But behind the construction fences of Lower Manhattan, as around the city, luxurious condominiums and five-star hotels-to-be are no more than bare concrete foundations and dirt lots. As financing vaporized last fall, so too did the dreams of developers and schemes of famous architects—at least for now. According to the Department of Buildings, there are 446 stalled construction projects in the city, so many that the agency created a special stalled building task force to inspect dormant sites and make sure that they are safe. The DOB counts eight stalled sites below Canal Street. Not many, but several are massive in scope. The Trib peeked over the fences of six of those projects. Here’s what we could see.


    [Rendering by Flank Architects / Photo by Carl Glassman]

    It is hardly the biggest of stalled projects in Lower Manhattan, but the Tribeca corner it is to occupy at North Moore Street and West Broadway, formerly the site of a parking lot, is a prominent—if oddly shaped—one. A nine-story residential condominium, designed by Flank Architects, is planned to go there. A cement foundation was recently poured into what had been for months a muddy excavated pit.

    In an interview with the Trib in July, developer Peter Moore said he only secured a loan to acquire the property, not to construct a building on it. “All I can tell you is it’s a challenging environment and, as everyone knows, credit is nonexistent out there.”

    “It’s a great site,” Moore added, “and we fully expect to be underway sooner than later.”

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    A new design by FLAnk for this site, now in brick (from CURBED):

    Stalled Tribeca Building Comes Back to Life With New Look

    As CURBED reported back in June the site has a new owner:

    Some New Buildings Coming Back From the Dead

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    Can't decide which one I dislike more.

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    1 North Moore St.: Work Finally Begins at a Long-Empty Tribeca Site

    By Carl Glassman

    Left: Rendering of previous design for an apartment building at North Moore Street and West Broadway.
    Right: Revised design for the condominium project, now being developed by the Vella Group, with 6-story townhouse and triplex penthouse. Construction recently began on the project.

    Work has begun on a 10-story apartment building at the very visible corner of North Moore Street and West Broadway.

    A much different-looking project—but the same size—had stalled and languished at foundation level there until April, when developers Zachary Vella and Justin Ehrlich of the Vella Group took it over from developer Peter Moore for a reported $9 million. They call the site “the single best location of any new development in Tribeca.”

    “It just feels like a neighborhood,” said Vella. “There’s nothing that feels large and commercial about it.”

    The building, which does not need Landmarks Preservation Commission approval be cause it lies just outside the historic district, will have two entrances on North Moore Street. One will belong to a six-story townhouse (four bedrooms, five baths, private garage, 1,210-square- foot outdoor courtyard) that will occupy the western side of the building.

    Also among the planned six condominiums is a three-story, 5,200-square-foot penthouse (four bedrooms, four baths, 2,500-square-foot outdoor space). The developers declined to speculate on the sale prices of their apartments.

    The building is designed by FLAnk Architecture, the same firm behind Moore’s project. But where the previous rendering showed a battleship-grey building with slit-like windows of varying widths topped by a green penthouse, this red-brick-and-glass facade takes an opposite turn.

    “We were lookng for something warmer in terms of an antique brick,” said Vella, “with windows that fit in with the neighborhood more, capturing the light and views.”

    In northern Tribeca, Vella and Ehrlich had taken over another stalled Peter Moore project, the nine-story 471 Washington Street, due to be finished in the next 10 months.

    The developers expect 1 North Moore Street to be completed by late next year.

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    The original design looked great: sculptural massing, artfully sized & arranged window, the textured/light colored stonework - a really nicely done work of art. The second building is a big disappointment; it is just a basic brick box, lacking completely in visual interest. I did not read this thread and do not know how this 'happend', but it is just a lost opportunity.
    Enjoyable thread, loaded with graphics; and with only 12 post - nice.

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    This is going up fast ...

    Half a block south it's still hidden by the trees ...

    From Varick and N. Moore ...

    Nice view of the great neighbor to the east ...


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