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Thread: being in new york, just got here yesterday

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    Default being in new york, just got here yesterday

    So since i know im going to be a bum or poor...i might as well try to be somewhat philosophical about it...or to some people ramble? or rant? as you say...

    I have a resume but its not a crowd pleaser, im probably going to get crap jobs if i try now...I came in from Los Angeles but refuse to go back home...i think the best bet is to probably move somewhere else since money is king here...not a communist or left or right wing extremist either just have a lot on my mind at times...

    If you want to criticize or dis this thread, ok...but just try to be somewhat thoughtful about what you are saying and why...but if you know me (which people really don't, but probably the majority of people in the world couldn't care to know someone else with the exception of married couples and couples in general?) you would know that i pretty much except every expression there is...its reality, just how it is.

    I should see the sites but now considering things, i never gotten out of the los angeles here in new york and temporarily poor im in a days inn but will have to leave mom cried at the thought of leaving but i don't understand why...why? because im just another energy just like you and some shmuck next to you...maybe this thread could be a constantly moving thread since i don't think anyone place is home...

    So i'll probably go to a different thread from some other place and don't count on me replying to this thread after i leave new york...

    i just don't understand the point of living if we work under a capitalist or socialist or Any expression of how to live...its still all one, the only difference is certain people at certain times want a sense of control?
    What is control? and why?...i don't know, but sometimes i feel money or other people in government get this insane fetish of control...maybe like bernie madoff and the recent case? or past dictators? people who run management on all levels?
    Still have to read Foucault because i hear he talks about the philosophy or idea behind control...

    Can you really control destiny with all its variables such as (weather, current events, peoples random psychology, diseases etc)…

    The humor expression relief is to enjoy life…but what does that mean enjoy life? If you think too much how can one enjoy life if there is the consequences of pain, hurt, permanent pain, permanent hurt or death…but are things really permanent though as we go through life…because it changes, we change…

    Guess im stuck on what is change and control…
    (and even if I answered my own question im still open to talk…)

    But if you want to stick to a topic, then what is change and control….why can they can be powerful…and are powerful

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    Get whatever job you can. Be thankful for what you have, stop thinking about yourself and how you feel, and try helping others.

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