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Thread: Why isn't it Landmarked?

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    Default Why isn't it Landmarked?

    I know there are other threads dealing with this subject matter on here, but I'd really like to know why Yankee Stadium isn't Landmarked. Has there been any debate at all within the LPC to Landmark this building, which, in my opinion has more historical significance than many Landmarked buildings in the City?

    To draw a comparison, 2 Columbus Circle, which in my opinion should have been Landmarked, has less historical significance than Yankee Stadium, yet much more debate was made about it than Yankee Stadium. I understand that in the case of 2CC, it was more about it's location and recognizability than it's historical significance, but for those very same reasons, I feel the Stadium should have had more of a fight put up in it's name.

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    The 70's renovation eliminated anything worth landmarking?

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