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Thread: Official Architecture

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    I really wish Rogers designed the Scottish Parliament...

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    Default Parliament of Liechtenstein

    Quote Originally Posted by Alonzo-ny View Post
    Dutch parliament

    Parliament of Liechtenstein

    Architect of the Liechtenstein Parliament is the German Hansjörg Göritz.

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    Rhode Island State House- Second largest free standing marble dome in the world!

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    Wow, I had no idea the RI state house was so magnificent!
    Our capitol in Albany has some great stuff too.
    In case anyone missed it, there's a thread I posted with good pictures of the NY Capitol Building.

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    Some "official" architectural terms ().

    Flash Cards for Common Architectural Terms

    Architects speak their own specialized language, one laced with obfuscation and intrigue. Most of us learned an extensive vocabulary particular to our profession during our years in design school. Our professors gleefully taught us to "visualize the intrinsic tension" created by the "diametrically opposed" forms within the "balanced compositional elements encoded" within our "conceptual configuration."

    We are very proud of our vocabulary, and now, as we talk with our clients, our speech is sprinkled with this terminology. Our clients tend to stare at us blankly as we speak, with a combination of envy and disgust in their eyes (mostly disgust).

    Clearly we need to find a better way to communicate. So, as an attempt to clarify things, I've come up with a few simple flash cards for some of the more common architectural terms. I suggest you study these for a few hours a day. That way you'll know what I'm talking about.

    And maybe you'll stop staring at me like that.

    Basically, agoras were the malls of ancient Rome, except they didn't serve pizza in the food court. Otherwise, exactly the same.

    Agora (real definition)
    Welcome to the Church of the Holy Desiccant. Now you should probably step away from me, in case of lightning.

    Basilica (real definition)
    Fenestration doesn't apply just to windows; it's the disposition of the openings on the facade. I just blew your mind, didn't I?

    Fenestration (real definition)
    Hierarchy (real definition)
    I really just wanted to use the word "festooning." Try it. It's fun.

    Ornament (real definition)
    You're in a prominent position — check.
    You're tooting your own horn — check.

    Scale (as close as I could find to the real definition)

    Symmetry (real definition)

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    Palacio Real - Madrid por Caballero2105, en Flickr
    MADRID PALACIO REAL. Royal Palace.

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    Madrid, spain. ESCORIAL.

    El Escorial por Busca2, en Flickr

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    Aranjuez (Madrid) Palaces

    Aranjuez por ©haddock, en Flickr

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