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    Default Echo in Madison Square Park

    The Jaume Plensa sculpture Echo at the Oval Lawn has been extended until Sept 11th.

    The medium is fiberglass, but it's made to look like carved blocks of stone, with visible seams. The soft features give the impression it's been sitting there for ages, worn away by the weather.

    From some angles, the distortion makes it seem like it's not really there.

    Wish it wasn't temporary.

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    That's great news!
    If you haven't seen it in person you should- it's amazing, pics can't do it justice.
    If the light is right, the face looks more holographic than carved, at night she is lit up and is equally spectacular.

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    There is a head sculpture by Jaume Plensa in the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo ... visible in the lobby as you pass by on the sidewalk. It's not nearly as large as the one in Madison Square, it stands about 7' tall and is made up of interconnected letters that are shaped in the form of a human head.


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