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Thread: The Arches at Deer Park

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    all prefabricated panels. Except for 3 buildings which are stick built.

    330,000 sqft of wall. Finishes are Limestone EIFS(175k), Venetian Plaster EIFS(100k), and Cast Stone(the rest).

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    What were they thinking with the checkerboard pattern.
    Wow, so many mixed reactions to this in my mind!
    Thanks for these pictures. Will you keep us updated with photos, especially as landscaping is put in place?

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    No problem. They're starting the hardscape fairly soon. Landscaping should follow.

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    Default what stores are going to be there?

    I just want to know what stores are gonna be in this outlet and when is the outlet going to open? From my understanding it is suppose to open in the fall of 2009 is that September or October? please e-mail be back at with the answer i would really like to know. THANK YOU.

    With this outlet opening Commack road is gonna be crazy with traffic the sad part about all of this is Commack road is already becoming crazy with traffic during rush hour. I cant even imagine how things are gonna be with these stores coming soon. The first step we should take is getting all those dam illegal immigrants out of Brentwood the reproduce too much..

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    So, what are we going with - attack dogs or contraceptives?

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    Thanks for the aerial shot Nick.

    I can now piece together some of the elements in your other photographs.

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    It reminds me of the colors you see in latin america...but with really crappy building materials instead

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    Styrofoam / Dryvit is "crappy" ?

    Hmmm ... it makes such a wonderful sound when you tap on it ...

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    Plow over the the parking lots,
    replace them with townhouses and apartments along the pedestrian street axes to hide garages in between,
    cut a few more walkways into the mall blocks,
    and this would be pretty nice.

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    Putting the Disney-esque architecture aside, the aerial view illustrates that this project is using parking to appeal to the shopper. No vision. No innovation. Pedestrians have no welcoming entrance.

    These pics are great and tell a story. I can't say I'm surprised to see yet another huge parking lot and redundant mall being built on Long Island. I'm just incredibly disappointed that it does nothing to build on lessons that should have been learned from all of other other deadening malls in this wasteland of NY state.

    The most successful downtown area on all of Long Island is the village of Huntington. Yet, no one has tried to repeat that success. It really is too bad.

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