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Thread: Metropolitan Life North Building - Eleven Madison Avenue - by McKim, Mead and White

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    That's really beautiful...nice work.

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    If they wanted, could they complete this building? And if they did, would it be viable?

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    In a better economy this would be a viable condo/hotel addition.
    It should have been built with the intent to support additional floors.
    And with a continuation of the stone facade this could be the 15CPW of Madison Sq Park which seems desirable with Koolhaas, Libeskind and One Madison Park in on the action.

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    The zoning for 11 Madison is C5-3, which provides the highest base FAR in the city of 15. Outside of the row of skyscrapers fronting the east side of Madison Square Park, the area's base FAR is only 10.

    The building is currently 1.5 msf which is probably below the max, but I'm not sure if it would provide for a 3 msf building.

    The GM Building is zoned in a C5-3 district, on a block the same size as 11 Mad. but is only 2 msf...and I bet it got a bonus for the plaza.

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    Am I the only one that is happy this was never built? It is so ridiculously huge and it reminds me of the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea.

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    I seem to recall somewhere it being said that everything was in place zoning wise to build it.

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    This is Alternate Universe NYC, where Larkin, ESB, and MetLifeNorth formed the "3 Sisters":

    Base photo by,
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    The views from the top would be OUT OF CONTROL.

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    Get rid of the damned black hole of the Merchandise Mart and it would be perfection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    I'd bet that new codes for wider (and perhaps additional) stairwells in highrises would mandate that the tower be much "thicker" up top than what was originally designed.
    If this thing was designed to the same codes as the Empire State then it would have had things like steel encased in masonry that would no longer be required. So redesigning it with wider stairwells might be offset by the new structural codes.

    However one has to wonder what purpose the completed building would serve. Does Met Life even need such space along with its other Manhattan locations? Could it be built on spec?

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    If you can have a building as slim as 1 madison park why would this building have to get thicker? Its obvious it wouldnt be built in the same way the base was.

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    It would also have to be residential. There is no demand for pint-sized office floors today.

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    hello.. I mentioned earlier the slim upper floors would be great for residential/ high end hotel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    Does Met Life even need such space along with its other Manhattan locations? Could it be built on spec?
    What?! Does MetLife even own this building anymore and why would they take the most difficult route to create more space?

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    I thought this building was owned by CSFB. In that case, they might certainly have use for small floors up high - great incentive for investment banking rainmakers to want to work there (assuming, of course, that the financial markets improve at some point and there is investment banking business to be had)

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