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Thread: Walking in Washington Heights, Manhattan

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    Beautiful work krulltime, this is another AMAZING eye-opening look at a truly magnificent neighborhood. Thanks so much.

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    Krulltime, thank you for sharing.
    I love that you explore the 'out of way' places - your tours bring a real feeling being in New York into my home, a few thousand miles across the Atlantic and get that yearning growing again.
    (No, don't worry. I'm not going to start singing "New York State Of Mind"!!)

    I'm good for a few dollars towards that shoe fund!
    Keep fit, keep walking (with the camera) and please keep posting!

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    Loved the tour. I've never been to this part of Manhattan before, and I'd been waiting for something like this for a while. But there's so many drab brown and grey blocks.. it gets a bit depressing.

    The central 1920s brick structure of Columbia Med is HUGE! Is it remarkable in any way? It looks like it could be one of the biggest buildings of its era.

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    That was a great tour. The hills are fun to bike on up there.

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    That was a fantastic tour! Thank you so much. I love the apartment neighborhoods of upper Manhattan.

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    Virtually all of these photos are quite beautiful and well-shot. My only beef: why aren't the photos identified as to street and avenue? Enlarging the photos doesn't bring up sufficient information as to where these photos were shot other than in generalized terms?

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