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Thread: East Harlem: First Ave at Between 101th st and 102th st - any comments?

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    Default East Harlem: First Ave at Between 101th st and 102th st - any comments?

    Good day everyone,

    I'm considering renting a place in East harlem, between 101st and 102th st, along 1st avenue.

    I was wondering if anybody can provide feedback, will really appreciate it.

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    Event hough the neighborhood is getting better, it is still extremely dirty and poor. The people are mostly uneducated and rude. And proud, to a fault, of all of the above. There are some nice people here, but for every decent person theres about ten aholes. My super says the are was originally a valley that was filled in, and thus the buildings are continuosly 'settling'. He said this in response to my thinking of laying down hardwoord floors, while he was laughing.

    Most everything closes at around 7pm. You're on first ave is a hike to the 6 at 96 or 103, be prepared to take a lot of buses (slow as dirt) or cabs.

    Don't EVER buy anything perishable from the bodegas or grocery stores. Not only is this neighborhood one of the last to receive deliveries, most of the places let the deliveries sit out front for an hour or two before doing anything about them. Things (milk, veggies, fruit...never even tried buying meat here) go bad OVERNIGHT.

    What else? If you dress halfway decent expect at least 3 people (5 for your distance) to hit you up for money on your way to the subway in the am. Expect to see them every morning.

    You might want to go by the place at night- a lot of buildings have 'social clubs' aka illegal nightclubs that stay open late and don't care that you have to work in the morning.

    Expect a lot of screaming in the hallways. You may need to disconnect your door buzzer because people here have a hard time reading numbers correctly and you'll get buzzed at all hours of the day and night to let people in for other apartments.

    On the plus side, the rents cheap.

    Did I mention how dirty the neighborhood is?

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    The neighborhood is not nearly as bad as described above, but it is still "transitional."

    I lived nearby a few years back with no problems, and the area has improved since then.

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    try to get a pce on first between 90-92nd. I lived there for a year a few years ago and it was much better then 10 blocks north

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    I may have highlighted the negatives...but theres not much positive to say.
    Theres a Bally's and a Duane Reade?
    No kids have been shot on my block in the last 6 or 7 years?
    Haven't seen a big mexican gang fight in 2 or 3 years?
    The drunks no longer sleep on my buildings doorstep?

    I've been here for 10 years.
    Its great for cheap rent.
    Other than that its one of the worst places I've ever lived...and I've lived in some shitholes before this one.

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