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Thread: Police Decry Callousness Of Hit-and-run

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    Oh c'mon. I read the comments here before watching the video and expected a total disregard for the victim, but that's not what I'm seeing. Barely a minute passed between the hit-and-run and the police car pulling up. Not a lot of time to process the shock of seeing this type of thing. It's hard to judge anyone's emotion from the video, but judging by the small crowd that gathered (again, in barely a minute's time) and the fact that four calls were made to 911, it seems people were concerned but perhaps didn't know what to do. Let's not demonize them for not reacting perfectly in such a short time frame. The real scoundrel here is the driver of that car.

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    Default Something similar...

    Hospital video shows no one helped dying woman


    Monday, June 30th 2008, 11:32 PM

    A shocking video shows a woman dying on the floor in the psych ward at Kings County Hospital, while people around her, including a security guard, did nothing to help.

    After an hour, another mental patient finally got the attention of the indifferent hospital workers, according to the tape, obtained by the Daily News.

    Worse still, the surveillance tape suggests hospital staff may have falsified medical charts to cover the utter lack of treatment provided Esmin Green before she died.

    "Thank God for the videotape because no one would have believed this could have happened," said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

    "There's a clear possibility of criminal wrongdoing with regard to recordkeeping, and that has to be investigated."

    The city Department of Investigation is part of a sweeping probe that has brought some changes to the ward known as G Building.

    A federal suit filed last year in Brooklyn alleged neglect and abuse of mental patients at the hospital. The suit sparked an investigation by the Brooklyn U.S. attorney's civil rights unit before the June 19 death.

    Two different security guards spotted Green, a native of the island of Jamaica, prone on the floor and did nothing, the tape shows. They have been fired, along with four other staffers.

    Green, 49, taken to the unit for "agitation," keels over out of her chair at 5:32a.m., according to the time stamp on the video. She had been sitting about 3feet from an observation window. Two other patients were in the room.

    Green is lying facedown on the floor, her legs splayed, when a security guard strolls by at 5:53 a.m., looks at her for about 20 seconds and then walks away.

    She is writhing on the floor, thrashing her legs, about 6 a.m., when her medical chart contends she was "awake, up and about, went to the bathroom."

    Green rolls on her back at 6:04a.m. She stops moving at 6:08 a.m., but two minutes later a security guard pushed his chair into camera view.

    He never gets out of the chair, but looks at Green and scoots away. A female patient who was in and out of the room finally brings a clinic staffer to check the woman and a crash cart is summoned.

    The medical chart claims she was "sitting quietly in [the] waiting room" at 6:20 a.m., although she was already dead. The cause of death is still under investigation.

    "We are shocked and distressed by this situation," the Health and Hospitals Corp. said in a statement.

    VIDEO of the incident here.

    Copyright 2008 New York Daily News

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