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    Gotta love that first snow of the season

    Thanks, alonzo

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    Such a magical walk, those fall leaves against the white snow, going where the wind blew, ended up in the Met for an hour, walk down 5th, perfect sunday.

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    Unbelievable waking up to the fresh untouched snow. It's been a while, wonder how long before it gets old...

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    Never does! Its better when you didnt hear the forecast though, the best is getting up stretching then you catch the glimpse out the window and...Holy s***!

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    That's exactly how it happened. I don't, or am not, watching tv right now so it was a pleasant surprise.

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    Unfortunately i heard of it like 3 days ago so i woke up fully expecting it, hopefully next time it will be heavier and unexpected.

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    It is afterall only the beginning.

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    Cant complain. When i was here visiting in january this year there still hadnt been a snowfall.

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    To me, it feels great. After my first official night in my new spot, snow could be the only capper.

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    Comme toujours, le charme de Central-Park sous la neige. une très belle série.

    As always, charming Central-Park under the snow. A beautiful series.

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    wonderful pics ! the weather in germany is bad. I´d like to have a lot of snow... but instead it´s only raining .

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