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Thread: The Laureate - 2150 Broadway

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    Infoshare: they were not the design architects of 15 CPW.

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    Post The Laureate

    Yes, your right - I was referring to the Architects of "record" - I chose to mention SCLE because the rendering of 15 CPW is on thier' website.

    I did not intend to take any credit away from Stern the "design architect": but, to give due credit to the "architect of record".

    Perhaps I should have said "Stern & SCLE" are the firms that did 15 CPW.

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    Slice (as pronounced) are sometimes/often brought in to do the "grunt" work for projects, even those without star-chitects. You'll find them on a bunch of DoB filings for just that reason. Not to say they don't front project too...

    As for the rendering. I like it. Like the use of limestone. I fear they may have planned the project with Harrison and Apthorp comps in mind. Even if it doesn't go on sale for a year or so (my guess), they could find themselves in trouble trying to premium price the product.

    Will be interesting to see it all play out.

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    With a land acquisition cost of $111 million and 201,000 residential and 27,000 commercial, I get a cost of about $500/psf

    Net sale-able residential will probably be about 160,000 sq ft.

    Construction costs are down. It's union, I believe, so depending on finishes, maybe $400/foot in hard costs. Could be lower. Not sure where construction bids stand right now.

    Throw in soft costs, financing, sales and marketing, and break-even is anywhere from $1,100 ft (with lower hard cost construction) to $1,600 ft on the high-end. I read some place they're going for Leed which adds a bit too.

    Remember, that would have to be an average and assumes they sell the commercial space.

    Hopefully SLCE doesn't go with the Stern floorplans with the tiny rooms. A bit more scale is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LabradorLove View Post
    Slice (as pronounced) are sometimes/often brought in to do the "grunt" work for projects, even those without star-chitects. You'll find them on a bunch of DoB filings for just that reason. Not to say they don't front project too...
    I worked on a couple of proposals where Stern was the Design Architect. SLCE would likely be brought in as an Executive Architect. Stern would create concepts and schematics. SLCE would provide Design Development through Construction Administration. I imagine SLCE's strength on the team was ultimately developing the layouts for the apartments. I don't think it is something Stern would typically do, except maybe for the atypical penthouses.

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    My pointer about the small-ish rooms was Harrison and Brompton, not 15 CPW although Curbed couldn't have known that...

    I was referring to the smallish rooms on those two Stern projects, not that Stern designed them so thanks for the clarification. I've been told Bob isn't exactly thrilled with what SLCE ended up doing with those two projects but you can chalk it up to (a) artist mentality or (b) false hearsay

    I do think the master bedrooms and the living rooms are pretty small are both those projects. But that's me. Otherwise, I like both of them. Not their prices though...

    And with unit 804 going into contract in Harrison, we'll have to wait to see what Laureate believes is a comp for its larger units in a bad market.

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    I don't think SLCE had anything to do with the Brompton or the Harrison.

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    Was in the area tonight. This is one big hole -- almost reminiscent of 8th and 55th in its vastness. There's a neat old painted advertisement for car radiators that the gape has revealed on the side of one of the neighboring buildings. Given the utter failure of almost any post-war development in this area other than the Brompton, I have little faith that we'll have anything nice here. 'Specially if it's from Slice.

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    You mean The Harrison, I assume? Brompton is on East side.

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    ^^ Good catch. I did mean the Harrison.

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    Any news? I walked past it today and quite a few floors have gone up since I last walked by. Forgot my camera otherwise I would have snapped a pic.

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    Up to the 7th floor now. Moving along nicely. Absolutely no news on sales & marketing team or when pre-sales marketing will start.

    I still don't expect these to be cheap. At the prices I expect them to charge, this will be a looooong sales cycle.

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    This is great news. This building looks beautiful. Gray's Papaya is really the only remaining eyesore in this otherwise beautiful area. Hopefully, it will be razed in the next cycle.

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    Default website

    does this condo have a website to pull up floorplans

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    Looks like the might be some high ceilings here?

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