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Thread: The Laureate - 2150 Broadway

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaMegro View Post
    Can you post some update photos of this one Mr UWS?
    I'm out of town until the 23rd but will post on my return.

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    Default Retail

    Does anyone know what retail will be going in to the base of the building?

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    Duane Reade and a Chase branch (Hopefully just kidding)

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    There is a Chase branch that they've been renovating in The Astor, so I can't see that happening. Duane Reade or CVS or something would be great though.

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    No it wouldn't be great. We don't need another DR or CVS below 96th st!

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    Looks nice. Hell of a time selling all those $5m + apartments though

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    AH! Photos! (care of my trip to Levain Bakery).

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    It's got that cheap faux luxury look to it.

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    The balconies really add to this one, and ^ antinimy, I'm not quite sure what material they used, though the entry way masonry is definitely of high quality.

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    Is the cladding concrete (errr, pre-cast "stone")?

    Or something more elegant?

    An early rendering and description said "limestone" but I'm not so sure.

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    I see that the description on the current SLCE Laureate page has stepped back a bit from the original "limestone exterior" description:

    "The building features classic pre-war massing that consists of a granite and limestone base and an extensive fenestrated paneling system, inset Juliet balconies and a warm color palette, allowing the building to blend naturally with the existing fabric of the Upper West Side's most iconic turn-of-the-century buildings."

    A commenter at Street Easy pegs the questionable stuff as faux stone:

    about 4 weeks ago

    The cast-stone cladding and the windows were up to 10th floor last weekend, and they've been working weekends on it.

    The light color of the stone and window frames look good now, a sort of Hausmann-Paris feel, but the Harrison's darker colors may weather better.

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    I am very pleased with this building. Of course, it could have been better, but it has a very nice design and is better than what it replaces. It's also much better than the fat POS on 72nd and B'Way.

    Now I just want to see the Sleepy's/Gray's Papaya building catch on fire or just fall apart. I hate it.
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    Default More Photos

    Redundant at this point, I see, but here are photos from Aug. 16th, late evening.

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    This looks great!

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