I need some help locating accurate and up to the minute traffic reporting please. Unfortunately I have been commuting four times a week from Midtown West to Garden City, Long Island taking a relative to medical treatments ( the train doesn't work for a variety of reasons). I have found most of the radio stations traffic reports to be horrible. I am at a dead stop on the LIE for 30 minutes and no mention of it on any station! Does anyone know of 1) the best radio station for traffic 2) of any kind of app for my IPhone 3) if the Garmin GPS traffic subscription service works well in NY?

I haven't had to drive in this traffic ever before, and can't believe what an incredible hassle it is. And in the past 2 months I haven't noticed one bit of difference in the volume even with gas prices at $4.50/gal.

I can check online in Manhattan, but once on Long Island my resources are limited and the browser on my phone isn't great.
Thanks for any suggestions.