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Thread: Proposed: New Six-star Hotel - 516 Fifth Avenue - by Pelli Clarke Pelli

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    I hope that the credit crunch spares us from having this built any time soon. Hopefully, the design will change over time.

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    Yeah, change for the worse. Don't forget what city we're talking about here.

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    Default talk more about six star hotel

    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    Yeah, change for the worse. Don't forget what city we're talking about here.
    lets review the hotel again :

    Hotel class : 6 star

    Location : New York City 5th Avenue

    Investor : Aby Rosen's RFR Holding

    Rooms : 250

    Architect : Pelli Clarke Pelli

    Budget(Approx) : ????? million USD$

    Land : ???? (square foot )

    Building height : ???? (foot)

    any other information ?

    anyone knows the approximately budget ?

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    What's happened to this poor building?

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    Sidewalk scaffolding is going up, and the filthy souvenier shops that occupy these buildings are having 80% off sales. I wonder if something is about to happen here.

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    DOB shows filings for Construction Fence at both 516 & 518 Fifth. No new filings for 520.

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    Thanks, Lofter.

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    I walked by the other day, and despite the lack of permits filed with the DOB, something cleary seems to be in the works. I hope, however, that RFR ditches the lame box that was proposed for this site.

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    The existing building at 516 Fifth is incredible. I really hope that pig doesn't raze it. We'd all be much better off if they had landmarked 516 and let the animals go after the Manufacturers Trust Company Building at 510 Fifth -- a nasty little box whose landmarking in the face of the potential destruction of 516 Fifth is yet another black eye for the LPC.

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    I agree re: 516. However, I think that the Manufacturer's Trust building is quite nice too.

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    Back in 2007, RFR filed permits to remove all three buildings' facades and replace them with a new curtain wall. Maybe this was a way a way to ensure the structures could never be landmarked since these permits were already filed.

    Seems our developers have gotten better at demolishing than building anything.
    Davis needs to worry about that vacant lot at 610 Lexington before this.

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    Thanks for the info, amigo.

    PS: Didn't Rosen lose 610 Lex to the bank in a foreclosure action?

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    These buildings' days are numbered.

    This frontage needs some help.

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    That's quite sad, especially if Rosen builds the lame box he had planned.

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