Hi. If anyone is interested, my World Trade Center, Citigroup Center and One Liberty Plaza models are all now free to download.

World Trade Center 3D Model:

File format: .3ds
File size: 5.4MB
Polygons: 575,143
Description: Over 300 hours have been spent recreating the World Trade Center,
as it stood before it was destroyed in 2001. This extremely accurate and highly
detailed model includes all 7 World Trade Center buildings, and the plaza, in full 3D.
It was modelled from blueprints, floor plans, diagrams and hundreds of photographs.

Citigroup Center 3D Model:

File format: .3ds & .Obj
File size: 8.5MB
Polygons: 279,814
Description: This 3d model of the Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp Center)
includes the tower, low-rise buildings, plaza and church located at the Citigroup
Center, all accurate and highly detailed. Modelled from floor plans and photos.

One Liberty Plaza 3D Model:

File format: .3ds & .Obj
File size: 1.3MB
Polygons: 36,912
Description: This is a detailed 3D model of One Liberty Plaza, a 52 story
office building in lower Manhattan, located behind the World Trade Center
site. The model includes a core with elevator shafts. The model is very
detailed, and was modelled from floor plans and photos.

Please tell me what you think of the models too.