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    Default New York Photography Website

    Hello all,

    I see that the Wired New York community is very passionate about NYC architecture, skylines, developments projects, etc. and several photographers have posted their sites here, so I though I would add my New York photography site to the forum. The site has photos organized into various categories by skyline, architecture, landmark, location, etc.:

    New York Photography


    Andrew Prokos

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    Looks like you are selling something.

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    Default NYC Photography Site

    Well I am not an amateur Triborough...are only amateurs allowed to post their sites in the Wired foums? If so I didn't realize that. A few other sites are posted that are running advertising and some were selling prints.

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    Well post some stuff then.
    Why should we give you page views, which you probably get some ad kickback from?

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    Default NYC Photography Site

    Do you see a single ad running anywhere on my site? No, that's because there aren't any. I posted the site url because it's got good photos of New York. I don't post my photos on 3rd party websites for copyright reasons....people steal them, crop them, change them and use them on their sites of in web ads for free...who needs the hassle?

    thanks Andrew

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    Good stuff, Andrew. Every picture like a postcard.

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    Oh my god, these are wonderful pictures. I just love them!!

    Would you please tell me from where you made the following picture?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default NYC skyline

    Hi Dennis, glad you liked the photos...that skyline was taken from LIC, Queens


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    Thanks for telling us about your website, Andrew. Your photos are excellent.

    The black and white photo of Staple Street in Tribeca is fantastic.
    I also really like the view of the Alexandria and Ansonia on Broadway/72nd Street, and the Spring Street view. And who'd ever guess the beautiful scene in Central Park Meadow in Autumn was in the middle of NYC if they weren't familiar with it - great stuff.

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    Default great photos

    beautiful; photos thanks for sharing them

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