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Thread: Please Read: The Events, Groups, and Meetups Forum

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    Default Please Read: The Events, Groups, and Meetups Forum

    The Events, Groups, and Meetups Forum is an exciting new forum and direction for Wired New York. I hope members will take a minute to read this thread and become acquainted with the concept. If you decide that you would like to participate in events with other forum members I encourage you to extend an extra degree of effort in becoming an organizer or assist with the correspondence requirements, as this is a new concept it will take some amount leadership for it to become successful.


    This forum will have three thematic elements.

    Whether it’s cultural, recreational, educational, or gastronomical. Events are the guide to the activities and the things to do in New York.

    Semi-regular meetings and group activities among forum members and friends. The meetings are casual but have some thematic principal. Examples include but are in no means limited to an urban explorers group, a biking tour group, a book reading group, an art tour group, etc.

    Meetups are much more impromptu. It can be anything from grabbing a drink or two, to going kayaking, to playing a pick up game, to going to a community board meeting. It could be I have three hours to kill on these days in this area, who wants to meet up and shoot the breeze/walk-around/people-watch/grab lunch…substitutions in all categories are endless.

    Posting Guidelines:

    Events, Groups, and Meetups are open to everybody, New York City Residents and New York City Visitors. The only requirement is that if you are creating or joining a group or meetup that you be civil and a good host/guest. When creating a thread please choose the appropriate and corresponding prefix Event, Group, or Meetup. In the thread please post the time(s), the date(s), the cost, and any other important information.

    I would love to hear some feedback to ensure that this forum becomes the exciting new feature of Wired New York that I anticipate it to be. It is my hope that since we already share a connecting common interest and background, this new feature will bring the people from our conversations together.
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    Very important events to list: community board, landmarks commission and other public comments meetings, so Wired New York members can make some noise and project some clout.

    We need to project more influence, because we have a better grasp of urban design issues than most folks.

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    I have been lucky enough to meet a good few members over the past year, I hope more people take an active role in this as it is always good times!

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    Meeting forum members is a great experience. I've met just 4 people from WNY (so far) and I hope to continue meeting people as I make trips back to New York because, like Alonzo said, it's always great times!

    I really like this forum idea, and hope many meetups and group meetings come from it.

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    Default Great idea

    I'm moving from London to New York in a few months and this is a great idea! Am looking forward to meeting lots of cool people...seems like city life moves a bit too fast sometimes, it's nice to meet people to slow down with!

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