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Thread: American passport/Visa- Am I entitled?

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    Default American passport/Visa- Am I entitled?

    Hello all, gosh haven't posted on here for quite some time! So sorry if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move/delete/shame me if it is.
    Just a quick question for anyone that may know, My grandpa and father both had Full American passports (Grandpa recently no longer with us, and father let his expire due to all the havoc it used to cause at customs!). Hes thinking of applying for his again, as we still have all the paperwork/proof etc (grandma still gets a generous U.S pension of about $3 a month he he) and I'd like one too, just not sure how it works! I have looked on the visa and immigration websites, but it was truly confusing!

    Any thoughts really appreciated, Kitty

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    Just contact the US Embassy directly, because you are dealing with people who are/were full citizens there is no need to waste time with visa websites.

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    If that doesn't work, speak to a lawyer.

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    Thanks for replies, have been on the U.S embassy website and it looks marginally promising, so fingers crossed! Going to give them a call later.

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    tell him to apply first at the embasy in london. then once he gets his. its smooth sailing for you. get your birth certificate and that stuff together.

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    We have booked an appointment at the embassy for the end of this month, for father to apply for his again. We found his expired U.S passports last night, so thats a bonus. He's got all the paperwork together he needs so with some luck he should be fine! I've started getting all my things together as by the sounds of it I have to state my case, and then they decide whether or not there is substance to a claim. Fingers crossed!

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