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Thread: What Do You Love About New York?

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    Ninja-your last comment- I'm confused?
    Do you mean you can't see the pic in Merrys last post...
    The one with a grown man in a tux sitting on some outdoor stairs,
    holding a giant yellow smiley balloon?
    (not of a 1987 porsche - which is just the op's screen name)

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    ^ I wasn't sure what you meant either, Ninja .

    I just liked the photo for its smile factor . And for people who aren't afraid to express themselves .

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    Yep, I just saw the link on the bottom, Porche, and not the company-blocked pic....

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    I'll tell you when I finally visit

    But for now, there's one thing I do know: Italian Curry-Houses, Chinese Pizzerias, Canadian Fish & Chips, Australian Sushi; no matter how weird it sounds, it not only exists, but has its own fan-club.

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    How some things change, and some things stay exactly the same. Like the smells.

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    New York is great because there is no automatic "no". Everything is on the table

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