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    I need a referral from the WNY collective. I want to which website you guys check for updates and news on world architecture. I love WNY but we dont get so much news on current architecture outside of NY. I want to find a site that will update me on what projects Piano, Nouvel, Foster etc are currently working on and what the status is, and new architects and new interesting architecture.

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    Those are only good for skyscraper projects, I mean a site dedicated to architecture regardless of scale.

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    This site provides links to architecture articles from a wide range of publications. I find it useful. Click on "Today's News" for the most recent additions and work your way back through previous days by clicking on "Yesterday's News." You'll find information on celebrity architects such as those you mentioned as well as news of other lower profile architecture projects and architecture related issues.

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    Most Popular weblogs on architecture: the MoPo 2009

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    Brilliant! As brilliant as Citicorp, but not as scary.

    47-story skyscraper would be more user-friendly if it had an elevator

    1 day agoLet's get right to the point. If you're building a 47-story building, you’re going to need an elevator. Unfortunately, that was a point overlooked by the architectural brain trust who designed the Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain. The condo building was initially meant to be 20-stories. When developers decided to move skyward, they reportedly neglected to reconfigure their plans to accommodate the necessary elevators. The Intempo was intended to symbolize hope and prosperity, showing that Benidorm was recovering from financial issues. What happens with the building remains to be seen, but at the very least, prospective tenants can get rid of their Stairmasters.

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