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Thread: Tickets to Rangers, Yankees and/or Mets?

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    Default Tickets to Rangers, Yankees and/or Mets?

    Me and my friend is traveling to NYC in three weeks and we really want to see some sport events other than the usual tourism.

    I have been looking around for tickets for Rangers, Yankees and Mets, and it seems a little bit difficult to get hold of these tickets.

    Rangers tickets seems the only way to buy through tickets that private persons have put out for sale? And the cheapest being 120USD for these...

    Yankees and Mets is still in the regular season? Will they make the playoffs? and if they do, is it hard to get tickets? And what is usually the price for these?

    Very thankful for the help, and sorry for my bad english.

    /Tobias - Sweden

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    Your best bet would be to purchase Rangers tickets. The Yankee season is all but done and their last homestand ever at the current Yankee Stadium starts tonight. The Mets, it appears, will play in the post season. Make sure to get them early cause they will sell out fast.

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