Why do we live in cities?

Many people want to leave the cities, and live further out.

Many others want to go to the cities, and live there for the rest of their lives.

What do cities do to attract people?

Does New York largely want more people or fewer people?

What about other world cities?

What "kind" of people does New York want?

What battle is being waged to keep those who live in cities there, if at all?

What battle is being waged to attract people, investment and certain kinds of business to certain cities?

This is predicted to be the battleground of the future, if it isnt already, as municipalities fight for investment and revenue.

For example, imagine the actual dollar value to London of films like "Notting Hill" "Love Actually" to keep people in London there, to keep them dreaming of some fantasy that may or may not exist.

How are these wars to attract the right kind of people being fought, and by whom?