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Thread: On This Day In New York City History...

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    November 21th:

    1964...It's opening day for the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge – the nation's longest suspension bridge. For 50 cents, drivers can travel between Brooklyn and Staten Island. The bridge marks the end of New York's golden age of bridge-building, but its biggest impact is in turning sleepy Staten Island into a suburban development.

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    November 22th:

    1880...Actress Lillian Russell makes her New York debut at Tony Pastor's 14th Street Theater. She goes on to become a star and an activist for women's rights.

    1950...79 people are killed, and hundreds more are injured when two Long Island Railroad trains collide in Richmond Hill, Queens.

    1963...New Yorkers join the nation in mourning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, shot and killed this day in Dallas. Schools, courts, theaters and stores close as the city is silenced in sorrow.

    In 1966...The city announces plans for a Civilian Review Board to monitor the Police Department.

    1995...Police discover the badly beaten body of a six-year-old girl in her mother's apartment in Lower Manhattan. The shock of Elisa Izquierdo's death is made worse when her mother tells authorities that she killed the child to rid her of evil spirits. The case prompts reform of the child welfare bureaucracy.

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    November 23th:

    1642...The city's first tavern opens, on Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan.

    1903...Italian tenor Enrico Caruso makes his American debut, appearing in "Rigoletto" at the Metropolitan Opera House on Manhattan's 39th Street.

    1936...The first edition of Life Magazine hits the stands.

    1959...The musical "Fiorello!," starring Tom Bosley, opens on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theater. The Pulitzer Prize-winning show is based on the life of New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

    1971...A delegation from The People's Republic of China is seated at the United Nations for the first time.

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    November 24th:

    1674...Two men from Flushing are reprimanded for working on Thanksgiving Day and for using disrespectful language before a judge.

    1950..."Guys and Dolls," the classic New York musical based on tales by Damon Runyon, opens on Broadway at the 46th Street Theater.

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    November 25th:

    1783...New York celebrates Evacuation Day. George Washington and his victorious troops re-enter the city as the defeated British evacuate New York – their last military stronghold during the Revolutionary War.

    1864...Confederates set fire to hotels, theaters and stores around Manhattan in a desperate act of terrorism. But most fires are quickly put out and little damage is done.

    1949...Hoofer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson dies in Manhattan at age 71. Crowds later line the streets from Harlem to Times Square to view his funeral procession.

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    November 26th:

    1942...The movie classic "Casablanca," starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, has its world premiere at the Hollywood Theater in Manhattan.

    1975...President Gerald Ford ends his opposition to federal aid to New York, and proposes a $2 billion bailout to prevent the city's bankruptcy.

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    November 27th:

    1646...The Dutch West India Company grants the village of Brooklyn a municipal form of government. The area is named for Breuklen, or "broken land," a village in Holland with similar hilly terrain.

    1969...The Rolling Stones open their United States tour at Madison Square Garden.

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    November 28th:

    1951...Reflecting the chilling mood of the Cold War, the city holds its first air-raid drill. For ten minutes, an unnatural silence fills the air as New Yorkers huddle in bomb shelters.

    1974...John Lennon makes his first concert appearance in years, performing at Madison Square Garden with Elton John.

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    Here's what took place since the last posting a few days ago:


    November 29th:

    1825...Grand Opera comes to America when an Italian troupe performs "The Barber of Seville" at the Ornate Park Theater on Park Row.

    1976...The Yankees sign free agent Reggie Jackson to a five-year, $3 million contract. The slugger goes on to become the 14th Yankee to have his number retired.

    November 30th:

    1960...U Thant of Burma is elected Secretary General of the United Nations, succeeding the late Dag Hammarskjold who was killed in a plane crash a year earlier.

    December 1st:

    1955...Commuting becomes a little easier for straphangers in Queens when a tunnel opens linking the IND and BMT lines just west of the Queens Plaza Station.

    Today's New Yorker birthdays include director/actor/writer Woody Allen...born in Brooklyn in 1935.

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    December 2nd:

    1657...After receiving numerous complaints from angry housewives whose possessions keep disappearing, the City Council forbids tavernkeepers from selling liquor to patrons in exchange for household goods.

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    ^ That's a good one.

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    December 3rd:

    1639...Danish farmer Jonas Bronck purchases 50 acres of land just north of Manhattan. Years later, the Broncks' farm becomes a favorite place for people to get away for a picnic or go touring on horseback. An outing to the area soon becomes known as "going to the Bronx" – and eventually The Bronx becomes the name of the whole county.

    1732...The city's first two fire engines arrive from London. The elaborate vehicles fascinate spectators, but at their first fire the house burns down.

    1947..."A Streetcar Named Desire" opens on Broadway, starring Marlon Brando and Jessica Tandy.

    1960...It's opening night for "Camelot," starring Julie Andrews and Richard Burton.

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    December 4th:

    1783...After leading his troops to victory in the American Revolution, General George Washington bids an emotional farewell to officers at Fraunces Tavern. The tavern, which has survived two centuries of change, still stands on Pearl and Broad streets in Downtown Manhattan, and has been designated a national landmark.

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    December 5th:

    1933...New Yorkers raise their glass to the end of Prohibition, speakeasies and bootleg whiskey.

    1955...At a meeting in Manhattan, the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations merge to form the AFL/CIO. The group is headed by George Meany of the Bronx, and with 15 million members, it's the world's largest labor federation.

    1973..."Serpico," starring Al Pacino, opens in Manhattan. The film tracks real-life detective Frank Serpico's struggle to expose corruption in the NYPD in the late 1960s and early 1970s

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    December 6th:

    1970...On the first anniversary of their tragic Altamont Speedway concert, the Rolling Stones documentary "Gimme Shelter" debuts in Manhattan.

    1988...Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev arrives in New York for a two-day visit – the last by a leader of America's greatest rival before the Soviet Union dissolves in 1991.

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