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Thread: On This Day In New York City History...

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    October 25th:

    1929...Mayor Jimmy Walker breaks ground for the Triborough Bridge in Astoria Park. The span opens for traffic seven years later.

    1931...The $60 million George Washington Bridge - in its day the world's largest suspension span - opens for traffic across the Hudson River.

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    October 26th:

    1656...A new law in New Amsterdam forbids any work or amusement – including drinking, dancing and bowling – on Sunday. On the same day, Governor Peter Stuyvesant orders the first price-fixing law, setting the price of white bread at about 8 cents a loaf.

    1825...New York becomes the nation's major port when the Erie Canal opens, linking the city with the Great Lakes and the Midwest.

    1996...With a fly-out to Charlie Hayes, the Yankees win the World Series, beating the Atlanta Braves in Game 6 at Yankee Stadium. Yankee fans are ecstatic, reveling in the team's first world championship in 18 years.

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    October 27th:

    1787...New York's Independent Journal begins publishing the Federalist Papers, a series of articles calling for the ratification of the Constitution.

    1858...Teddy Roosevelt – the only native New Yorker to become President of the United States – is born on East 20th Street.

    1878...The Manhattan Savings Institution at Broadway and Bleecker Street is the site of the greatest bank robbery of the 19th century. Thieves break in, crack the safe and make off with almost $3 million.

    1884...The Dakota apartments open on West 72nd Street – so far uptown skeptics say it might as well be in the Dakota Territory.

    1904...The New York City subway opens, as the first IRT train heads from City Hall up to 145th Street.

    1989...Jane Pauley announces she is leaving "The Today Show" after 13 years.

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    October 28th:

    1886...The Statue of Liberty is dedicated in New York harbor by President Grover Cleveland.

    1981...George Steinbrenner apologizes to fans after the Yankees lose the World Series to the Dodgers.

    Today's New Yorker birthdays include actress and former National Endowment for the Arts chair Jane Alexander, born in 1939.

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    October 29th:

    1929..."Black Tuesday" hits Wall Street. The stock market collapses, wiping out thousands and signaling the start of The Great Depression.

    1967...The musical "Hair" opens Off-Broadway at Joseph Papp's public theater.

    1992...Lemrick Nelson is acquitted of Yankel Rosenbaum's murder during the Crown Heights riots.

    1996...Lower Manhattan is a sea of confetti and people as tens of thousands line the Canyon of Heroes to honor the World Champion Yankees.

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    October 30th:

    1975...New Yorkers react to President Gerald Ford's announcement he would veto a federal bailout of New York City.

    1992...The Transit Authority begins installing automated fare collection turnstiles to prepare for the MetroCard's debut in 1994.

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    October 31st:

    1891...The Episcopal Church purchases 11 acres in Morningside Heights to build the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

    1926...Harry Houdini dies from a ruptured appendix and is buried in Cypress Hills, Queens. Fans have flocked there ever since to see if the magician will ever live up to his greatest challenge – escaping death.

    1956...The Transit Authority shuts down the last two trolley lines on McDonald and Church Avenues in Brooklyn.

    1991...Joseph Papp, the producer and founder of the New York Shakespeare Festival, dies of cancer at age 70.

    Today's New Yorker birthdays include former CBS newsman Dan Rather, born in 1931; and former NBC newswoman Jane Pauley, born in 1950.
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    November 1st:

    1683...The British form Kings and Queens Counties, naming the regions in honor of England's King Charles II and his wife, Catherine of Braganza.

    1918...The worst subway accident in city history. 97 passengers are killed, and more than 200 hurt, when a train smashes into a tunnel wall along the old Brighton Beach line. An untrained motorman who had crossed a picket line to fill in for striking train workers lost control of the train near the Malbone

    Street station - now the Prospect Place station on the D and Q lines.

    1946...The Knicks down the Toronto Huskies in the debut of the National Basketball Association.

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    November 2nd:

    1935...The Auto Show opens at Grand Central Palace, featuring the Cord 810. At $3,000, it is three times the cost of an average new car.

    1965...Republican-Liberal John Lindsay is elected mayor, beating Democrat Abe Beame in the closest election in a quarter century.

    1993...In a tight race, Rudolph Giuliani squeeks by David Dinkins to become New York's first Republican mayor in a generation.

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    November 3rd:

    1900...The nation's first Auto Show is held in Madison Square Garden on East 26th Street.

    1925...Jimmy Walker wins the race for mayor in an election which features a new contraption – the voting machine.

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    November 4th:

    1928...Gangster Arnold Rothstein is murdered in the Park Central Hotel on Seventh Avenue. No one is convicted, but the murder probe reveals corruption leading to the downfall of Mayor Jimmy Walker.

    1958...Nelson Rockefeller wins the first of his four terms as governor.

    1961...Bob Dylan plays Carnegie Hall in his first major appearance outside Greenwich Village.

    1987...Little Lisa Steinberg dies at St. Vincent's Hospital. Later, her adoptive father Joel Steinberg is charged with beating her to death.

    Today's New Yorker birthdays include former CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, born in 1916.

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    You forgot November 4, 2008:

    Barack Obama carries NY State and is elected President of the United States

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    I will post that in exactly one year from now

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    November 5th:

    1990...Radical Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, is assassinated after a speech in a Manhattan hotel. Kahane preached racial hatred and violence against Arabs both while he lived in New York and later in Israel. El Sahid Nosair, apprehended at the scene of the crime, was acquitted of Kahane's murder, but sent to prison for weapons possession.

    1991...The body of Daily News owner Robert Maxwell is found in the Atlantic Ocean. Maxwell's empire was about to crumble.

    Today's New Yorker birthdays include singer Art Garfunkel, born in 1941.

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    November 6th:

    1894...Voters approve the consolidation of Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island into the Greater City of New York. It barely passes, especially in Brooklyn, where opposition runs high. Four years later, the merger becomes official.

    1928...The first news is flashed along the zipper of the old New York Times building in Times Square. Five-foot letters lit by 15,000 lightbulbs announce Herbert Hoover's victory over New York Governor Al Smith for president.

    2001...Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg pulls out a last-minute victory to beat Democrat Mark Green in the race for mayor.

    Today's New Yorker birthdays include director Mike Nichols, born in 1931.

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