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Thread: Google Map with Recent Construction

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    Default Google Map with Recent Construction

    I created a Google map documenting recent construction:

    Some ideas to improve upon this:

    1) Include all new construction (not just highrises)
    2) Expand to outer boroughs and NJ
    3) Get pictures (of the renders) for each building

    I don't know if this thread belongs in this forum or elsewhere (this idea stemmed from the New Construction in NYC thread in the Wired New York Website forum)..So mods/admins, please feel free to move if necessary...

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    Thanks for the map, it is very useful!

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    Interesting, next to nothing in the LES and in the rectangle bordered by Houston - 21st street (N-S) and Broadway and 9th.

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    Lots of dLandmark protected sections in the second area mentioned.

    However, there have been quite a few new buildings going up in that area over the past few years (100 W 18, Yves at Seventh / W 19th to name just a couple not listed), they're just not shown on the map as of yet.

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    There have been plenty of developments in Chelsea. It's just that few of them are highrises, so they don't show up on this map. The same can probably be said for the LES.

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    Added some more NYC (lots of midrises) and started with Brooklyn sites - Will add Queens, the rest of Brooklyn and Jersey in due time....

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    Default Google Map with Recent Construction

    Quote Originally Posted by tone99loc View Post
    Added some more.........
    Thanks for the new input Tone. I have been using this map on a regular basis as a reminder of what existing threads (projects) to check-in on - thanks again for the great map.


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    Thanks Paul - You're quite welcome!

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    Default Google Map with Recent Construction

    Quote Originally Posted by tone99loc View Post
    Thanks Paul .......
    Tone, I will try to help you keep the map updated: if I come across any news I will pass it on to you. The way of the WiKi.

    One question. How much time do you think a building should remain on the list after it is 'technically' completed.


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    Well Google maps only lets you display 200 placemarks at once (if you have more, you have to literally click "Next" at the bottom of the list and a new map displays without the first 200)...

    With that in mind I don't think I'd want to exceed 200 total places - Getting rid of buildings that have been completed for at least a year are probably good to delete, so every few months the list can be weeded out...

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    Wouldnt this thread be more appropriate in the Real Estate section.

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    I'm going to have to start noting all the Brooklyn construction addresses. 4th Avenue is one long construction site.

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