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Thread: FINALLY....My July New York Pictures. :)

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    Default FINALLY....My July New York Pictures. :)

    ^ I'm guessing the tip top of Manhattan, in the Inwood area.

    John F. Kennedy Airport

    ^ The platform at JFK Airport that would take me to..........

    ........Where I needed to go!!

    Sorry for the months and months it's taken me to upload these photos. I've been uber busy, and still am super busy with school. They may not all be uploaded today, but they will be all soon!


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    Get on it I want to see more!

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    Default Round 2!

    My first view from coming up the subway stairs into Manhattan.

    Street in Manhattan

    The New York Times Building

    One of my favorite parks in New York City ...... Bryant Park.

    A view from one of the floors in the Empire State Building....


    A few of you know that while in New York, I attended a work event with BrooklynRider. It was a boat cruise for his company on the Hudson River. I had a blast and this was the boat at Chelsea Piers...

    A view of Manhattan from the boat.


    Trump Buildings on the Upper West Side .... maybe?

    Ellis Island from the boat cruise..

    State of Liberty from the boat cruise..

    Down in the Financial District...

    New York Stock Exchange

    Downtown Manhattan area...another one of my favorite places in all of NYC!

    DKNY Mural in SoHo


    First glimpse of Times Square

    These buildings look VERY familiar, but I cannot remember the name of them....anyone?

    The line at the Apple Store (5th Ave.) one day for the new iPhone. These happened everyday I was there.... I was there 6 1/2 days..

    Madison Ave. ... a favorite of mine.

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    Great photos, worth the wait

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    Enjoyed the pics!

    I actually like this wall of skyscrapers. It sure beats some of the square boxes on the downtown waterfront.

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    ^^^ That's Trump Place.

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    Thanks guys.

    It will probably be sometime late tomorrow before I can get anymore on here, due to school but I won't forget about this.

    Thanks again for your comments!

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    Great pictures! Loved that you went all over and enjoyed yourself.

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    Thanks for sharing!!! pics are great!!!

    IŽd like to see much more.

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    Thank you all so much for your comments.

    Now that I am f i n a l l y on winter break, I will focus on getting the rest up.

    Thank you so much for your patience...


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Benniest View Post
    These buildings look VERY familiar, but I cannot remember the name of them....anyone?
    Those are among the buildings Macklowe wanted to tear down, they are saved for now because of the economy.

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    Macklowe actually saved a few buildings?

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    NO- the economy did

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