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Thread: Midtown to the Village - May 2008

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    Default Midtown to the Village - May 2008

    Forum regulars will remember I had a big batch of construction photos to share earlier this year, and these are all the other pictures I took from that May 24th visit.

    Our journey starts at Penn Station and ends in Chelsea:

    But before we dive in, I'd like to show you some pics from the train -- these Bronx giants are the first things you see letting you know you're in the Big Apple:

    northern Manhattan (excuse the pics, but Amtrak doesn't expend much money cleaning their windows!):

    The last thing you see before heading into the East River tunnel:


    I think we're in the city now...

    Don't know why, but I love this building:

    ^ we'll take a trip through Bryant Park in a little bit. But for now..

    Into the oasis that is Bryant Park:

    Now it's off to Madison Square:

    Now in Madison Square:

    Back into the streets, we now head for Union Square:

    Next stop is Astor Place/Cooper Square. But first, Third Ave:

    Street Fair!

    The novel:

    The venerable:

    Colliding street grids start to appear in this area, much to the eye's approval:

    Not sure I've ever seen 15 stories of neo-Federalism before:

    Bond Street:

    Fit for the Wizard of Oz:

    Sauntering my way through NYU territory, I briefly went into SoHo, became impatient with the suffocating pedestrian flow, and then made for the West village:


    Making my way through superblock-ville:

    ^ Funny story: that dude in the black shirt is my brother. He lives in Albany, I in Boston, and we had no knowledge of either of us being in the city.. talk about a coincidence!

    Time to become charmed:

    Classic Village:

    Favorite New Discovery for this trip was Grove Court:

    As if Greenwich Village could get any more charming:

    Leafy Hudson Street:

    Greenwich Street:

    Finally, I headed north for the last leg of my walk:

    Ninth Ave:

    Colorful street life:

    Not so much:

    First time seeing this building in person or otherwise, I instantly fell in love with it (part of the Chelsea Market):

    End of tour.. hope you enjoyed this semi-outsider's perspective!

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    Great walk, nice photos, and coincidentally meeting up with your brother... how cool is that! Thanks for sharing.

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    Some excellent pics there, thanks alot for sharing with us.

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    Seen these photos over at skyscraperpage, one of the best photo threads of NYC. Excellent!

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    Nicely thought-out: an efficient itinerary for out-of-towners wanting to see non-touristy architectural highlights and neighborhoods.

    When you've had your fill of Empire State and Times Square ...


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    Diverse and wonderful!
    Thank you for posting.

    How I wish I could be there!

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    great tour!

    i'm curious, how long did that walk take you?

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    Good question! The first picture physically taken in Manhattan was at 10:52, and the last at 3:05, so I guess about four hours.

    However, I was by myself, and had the luxury of being able to go at my own extremely brisk pace (thank you long legs), whereas if you were with a group of people I imagine it'd end up taking at least an hour longer.

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    Awesome tour. I felt like I was walking it myself.
    I have to agree, this one's really great.

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    Two similar red SUVs. What's the story on that?

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    Isn't the building with all the round windows (third from last ) slated for demolition for the expansion of the hospital???

    And the misshapen silvery building about 4/5 into the tour--that's a Calatrava design (or maybe Richard Meyer's new Village apartments??? ) on West Street, right??? Can anybody identify the author of that structure???

    Plus, two photos below "Time to be Charmed"--the little pocket park where everybody is sitting around the gyroscopic sculpture--is that Winston Churchill Park in The West Village ???
    A great jumble of photos, including a few streetscapes that I'm very familiar with.

    Man,I have GOT to get back to New York...

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    Isn't the building with all the round windows (third from last ) slated for demolition
    Wrong building same architect.
    here is a pic of the doomed structure
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    And the misshapen silvery building about 4/5 into the tour
    If you were talking about this building?

    It is by Charles Gwathmey, and is on Astor place or...
    If you were talking about this one:

    It's by Frank Gehry IAC headquarters 555 w 18th st.

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